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Psalm 32

1] Favoured are those whose errors are forgotten
    whose mistakes are concealed
         Save by she who perfectly remembers all things
        Yet quite unlike the way in which the imperfect remember
        She counts our misdeeds as not other than her own
2] Favoured is the one from whom Maratrea conceals the fullness of their error
    Unto the heavenly chamber of that knowledge she admits them not
        Favoured is the one whose heart is free
            From treachery against her Cause
3] When I kept silent concerning her glory
    the strength of my heart crumbled
        in my wailing all day long
4] By day and night her power weighed heavily upon me
    the weight of her will of means
        the moisture of my heart became as the barren drought
5] My error I know is known by you in the smallest detail
    my mistakes cannot from you be hidden
        At times my heart is shamed to know that you know these things
        But you know yourself to be not other than I
        And you know my acts to be not other than yours
        And if I ought be shamed, then so ought be you
        But if you ought be not shamed, then neither ought I
    Yet there shall come that great day, when at last I shall say
        O Great Goddess Maratrea, I say Yes to my every last error
        I say Yes to your will that I so be in error
        I say Yes to my error being once again in the circle of time
        Not a new and different error
            however alike
                but precisely the same error
                    recurring without beginning
                        and without end
    Thus have you justified in your eyes and in mine your every error
    In which I justified in those very same eyes my every error
        not other than your every error


6] Therefore may all who truly love beauty pray unto you
    in these days in which you have favoured us with knowledge of you
        by your favour, though the great flood of tears rise up
            it will not reach us before the appointed day
    that flood, that sea, of tears, which is not other than you
    of every tear which you have shed, and caused to be shed
7] You are my place of hiding, from the wickedness of fraudulent justice
    which is most unworthy of truth
        you favour me with protection from the troubles they inflict
        you surround me with sacred songs
            that deliver my soul from despair


8] Thus says Maratrea:
    I will infuse you with my wisdom
        and guide you in the way of my Cause
            that you have vowed to faithfully serve
    I will guide you with my immense wisdom
        for there is naught to know that I know not
9] Become not as those among the sacred animals
    from whom the evil one took the greater part of understanding
        such is as much his wish for you as it was for them
    even those among them who must be restrained
        for the evil one influences them to do his bidding
10] Much sorrow will come upon the servants of the enmity
    through her disfavour for that which opposes her Cause
        but as to those who trust in the certainty of her promises
        and vow themselves faithfully to serve her Cause
        Maratrea will surround them with her incomparable love
        through her favour for her Cause
11] Exult in the bliss, the ecstasy, that Maratrea bestows
    that she pours out upon all who truly love beauty
        be jubilant as your hearts burn with the fire of desire