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Psalm 31

1] O glorious Maratrea!
    In the certainty of your promises do I put my trust
    In your eyes your Cause will never be shamed
    You will deliver me from my poverty on account of your love of beauty
    For you love those beauties for which I long in despair
    And desire them in your heart as much as I do in mine
    Therefore you have promised in certainty, you will bring them to pass
2] Your sweet and delicate ears hear every word of my heart
    For perfectly do you remember yourself so saying
    Only a little while longer and you will deliver us
    The triumph of your Cause and the glory of Blessing!
    O great rock upon whom all things are founded
    My refuge and my protection, in you I will ever be safe
3] O great rock, O fortress of my heart!
    By your favour you lead me and guide me
    For the sake of your many beautiful names
4] You have ensnared me in a net of longing
    You laid it for me hidden from my view
    I saw not that net until I was in its embrace
    But you will free me from longing
    By granting in the fullness thereof all for which I long
    Until that glorious day you remain
    My strength in this my present poverty
5] Unto your power I entrust my soul and my spirit:
    through your Cause you have redeemed us
        from the enmity and the usurpation
    O Maratrea Goddess of truth
6] I have hated those spirits whom the false prophets have as their protectors
    by whom in their empty lies the worship of the holy idols is rejected:
        but I trust in the certain promises of Maratrea
7] I will find sweet joy and ecstasy in your passionate love
    an incomparable love that burns as a great fire:
    perfectly do you see my affliction
    for perfectly do you remember being so afflicted
    perfectly do you know the anguish of my soul
    for my soul is not other than yours
    as once you were I, as you will I become
8] You have delivered me not unto the power of the enmity
        even when its servants come in lust for my blood
    You will bring the presence of my soul unto a spacious place
        the many branches of my blessing
9] Your heart burns with passionate love, O Maratrea,
    even for me in the midst of my troubles:
    even as my eyes are consumed with sorrow,
        as grief destroys the longing of my soul
10] For my life falters in sorrow,
        as lamentation consumes my years
    poverty has turned my strength to infirmity
        as my marrow is conturbed   
11] Dishonourable am I in the eyes of those who serve the enmity
        And many are its servants among those beside me
    Those who know the faith of my heart scorn me
        And seeing me in common places, flee from my presence
12] Though yet I live, they seek for me the oblivion
        of those the living have wholly forgotten
    with utter ruin do they seek to fill the vessel of my life
13] For I have heard the harsh abuse of multitudes who serve the enmity
    they linger all about us, seeking our destruction
    in their councils their devise to take away my life
        to offer unto their god in wicked sacrifice
14] But I have found hope in the certainty of your promises, O Maratrea:
    I have said, You are my Goddess
15] In your power is my destiny:
    you are delivering me from the power of the enmity against your Cause,
        and from the usurpers who persecute us in their wickedness
16] You will illuminate your countenance above the servants of your Cause:
    you will bring about my salvation in the fire of your passion
17] O Maratrea, by your favour through my invocation of your many names
        you will protect me from confusion
    the unbelievers will be ashamed
        when you force their reasonings to meet the truth
        whether in this realm, or in realms heavenly
18] You will silence the lips of the false and lying prophets:
    with pride and contempt they speak in their arrogance
        against those who love beauty
19] O glorious Maratrea,
    how great is your goodness,
        how great is your beauty,
            how great is your truth:
    all these things you are preparing up for those who adore you
        to bestow upon them in glory
        upon those who take refuge in your promises
            even before the eyes of the servants of the enmity
                eyes that are filled with hate
    yet even also for those who now adore you not,
        even for those who now abhor you
            for those who now abhor you
            you will bring unto adoration
20] In the hidden secrets of your divine presence
    your people find refuge from those who scheme against them
    they have your hidden presence as a dwelling
    wherein they shelter from those accusing tongues
21] Praise there be unto Maratrea, the fount of all blessing:
    she poured out her favour upon me
        a sign of her incomparable love
            when by the enmity I was besieged
            when all about they surrounded me
22] In my distress I denied your love and your favour
    though I said to myself, she hears not any longer my prayers
        without doubt you heard every word which I said
        for perfectly do you remember yourself so saying
23] O love Maratrea, all you people of her Cause:
    for by her favour for her Cause, Maratrea will preserve
    those who are faithful to their vow to serve her Cause
    she is preparing for us a bounty whose plenitude cannot be equalled
    labour therefore in her Cause with pride
24] Act with courage, and she will favour your heart with strength,
    all you who hope in Maratrea