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Psalm 30

1] We declare your exaltation, O Maratrea;
    for you will lift up your Cause to the assumption of the place,
        and will cause not the enmity to triumph
2] O Maratrea our Goddess, we cry unto you, and in our crying you heal us
3] O Maratrea, you have lifted up our souls from the deep pit of despair
        that pit wherein the grave is beckoning
    you keep us in life, even when life becomes a heavy weight
    for whenever you send suffering,
        shortly thereafter do you send consolations
            however small at first may they be
4] Sing unto Maratrea,
    O people vowed faithfully to serve her Cause
5] Her burning passion endures without beginning and without end:
    Her holy night will transform all weeping into joy
6] And in the abundance of blessing, we shall each declare
    A moment beginningless and endless and unalterable
        and in so saying, we will speak the perfect truth
7] Maratrea, by your favour for your Cause it will stand strong
        like a great mountain that is immoveable
    Though for a time you hide from us the beauty of your face
        And we are troubled in our poverty
    You will reveal unto us the fulness of your glory
8] We cry out unto you, O Maratrea;
    and unto Maratrea we address our praise
9] How does our blood profit your Cause,
    As our bodies are cast down into the pit?
        Shall our decaying flesh praise you?
        Shall it declare your truth?
    Why then do you by your will so command?
        For the sake of the beauties you thereby purchase
10] Without doubt do you hear us, O glorious Maratrea,
    and incomparable is your love for us:
        Maratrea, without doubt you favour us in your Cause
11] You will transmute our mourning into ecstasy:
    you will tear up these sacks into which you have thrown us
            worlds which for us are without blessing
        and encase us in perfect contentment
12] Therefore the glory of our souls
            each but a small part of your glory
        sings praise unto you, and remains not silent
    O Maratrea our Goddess, we will praise you
        until we have become that very you whom we praise