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Psalm 28

1] Unto you do I cry, O Maratrea
        Goddess of mine, without doubt do you hear my prayer
    if you were not to hear it
        into a pit of doom would I fall
            but such could never be, nor has ever been
2] You know every longing of my heart
        which I cry unto you to fulfil
    which I cry out with all of my power
        unto your heaven so far beyond
3] For how much longer will you place me under the wickedness
        the usurpers who offer wicked sacrifices unto Pandal
    they appear as pleasant neighbours
        but great love have they for wickedness in their hearts
4] Take from them, O Maratrea, all their evil works
        and deprive them of their wicked sacrifices
    You will give unto them as they have given not unto others
        in giving unto others
            you will cause them to give unto themselves
5] You have made them ignorant of your great works and of your glory
        and of your twofold law
    but their ignorance you will destroy
        and cease to sustain
6] Praise there be unto Maratrea
    for she will grant the deep longings of every heart
7] Maratrea is our power and our protection
    our hearts hope upon her, and certain is their hope
        therefore do our hearts rejoice exceedingly
        and with song do we praise her
8] Maratrea is the strength of her most faithful children
    an immense favour of protection for the line of her chosen Prophets
9] You will save your children, every last one
        and grant them blessing as their inheritance
    you will feed the burning longings of their hearts
        and lead them to return to identity with you