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Psalm 27

1] Maratrea enlightens my mind
    and saves my soul from the despair of everlasting poverty
        whom should I adore more than her?
            Even those whom I adore in the utmost
                in the deepest places of my heart
                are not other than her
    the favour of Maratrea strengthens my life
        whom should I revere more than her?
2] The wicked ones draw near to me
    lusting for blood for their unlawful sacrifices
        seeking to devour my flesh to that end
    slaves to the enmity, who reign in usurpation
        but you will cause the usurpers to stumble
        and you will cause the usurpers to fall
3] Though the armies of the usurpers besiege me
        my heart will not fear
    though the enmity declare war against me
        even then I will remain confident in her promises
4] There is but one thing which I ask of Maratrea
        and this thing alone do I seek
    that I may dwell in perfect knowledge of branches of my blessing
        which Maratrea in her heavenly chamber will reveal to me
    and for now as I live for the blessing of others
        may I serve her Cause my whole life long
    waiting earnestly for Maratrea to reveal her great beauties to me
        and I will seek a foretaste thereof in her holy temples
5] In times of trouble she keeps me safe in her holy temple
    she keeps me safe in the dark places therein
        for she is my guide and my protector
6] You will raise our station above that of the enmity which now surrounds us
    in your holy temples we will offer the sacrifice of cakes and wine
        with joyous shouting we will offer it
        we will sing and make melody unto you, O Maratrea
7] Without doubt your hear my voice when I call, O Maratrea
    your love for me is incomparable
        without doubt you will answer every true longing of my heart
            if only but a little while longer
8] My heart cries out for you
        in longing for the beauty of your face
    that beauty, O Maratrea, do I seek
9] You will not hide the beauty of your face from me
    you anger not at your children, neither turn them away
        even when they have been unfaithful servants to your Cause
    You will reject me not, neither forsake me
        O Goddess who saves me
10] Even were my earthly mother and father to abandon me
    my heavenly mother Maratrea will abandon me not
11] O Maratrea, you are teaching me the way of your Cause
    and leading me in the path of your twofold law
        that the enmity has not the chance
            to cause me to stumble
12] By your favour for your Cause,
    you will deliver me not into the bloodlust of the enmity
        they love to accuse the innocent of their own misdeeds
        for their lord loves all blood as a sacrifice
        most especially that of innocents falsely accused
    their every breath is laced with cruelty
13] For despite all this, I remain confident
    that I will possess the beauty of Maratrea beyond the gate of breath
        and it will be had even before that gate
        through the two triumphs of her Cause
14] We will wait patiently for the blessing Maratrea has promised
    and our hope is certain that her promises be fulfilled
        we will strengthen our hearts against all disappointments
    as we await patiently the blessing that Maratrea has promised