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Psalm 26

1] You declare unto the usurpers my innocence, O Maratrea
    for I have obeyed your heavenly law
        in obeying your law I have disobeyed their law
        but your law alone is true law
        and their laws are not in any way laws
    I trust in your promises, O Maratrea
        therefore I will be disheartened
        even as they evilly threaten me with death
2] O Maratrea, perfectly do you know my heart
    my every thought and deed and word
    for perfectly do you remember your very own self
        so thinking and doing and saying
    yet they in their ignorance seek to usurp justice
        which by right is yours alone
3] I am certain of your incomparable love for me
        as certain as if I saw it with my eyes
    therefore have I walked in the way of your Cause
4] I have joined myself not to the way of deceit
    nor has my mouth approved of their hypocrisy
5] I have hated the congregation of evil
    the spirits of enmity and usurpation that dwell in them
        I hate not those souls
        but only their wicked combination
6] I will purify my soul of all that is opposed to your Cause
    and offer cakes and wine upon your altar, O Maratrea
7] I will proclaim your glory, your goodness and your beauty
        I will praise you that you are as you are
    I will tell all who will hear of your glorious deeds
        that you have made the many worlds
        to fulfill the longings of every last one of your children
8] O Maratrea, I love your holy shrines and temples
    signs of the heavenly palace in which you dwell
        within their walls I feel your presence
9] I will stand not hand in hand with those who love evil
    I will grant no honour to those who offer sacrifices of blood
10] Great are the evils they work with their hands
    no bribe will cause them to turn from evil
11] But I will walk not in the way in which they walk
    you will liberate us from the usurpation
        and grant us great favour
12] In a great plain I shall find an end to my wandering
    in the gatherings of her Cause I will praise Maratrea.