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Psalm 25

1] In you, O Maratrea our Goddess, do we put our trust.
2] In you do we trust:
    for by your favour for your Cause
        you will protect it from dishonour
    for you will permit not the enmity any final triumph over us
        their every victory shall be followed by defeat
        until the defeat which is followed not by victory
        until all things end but to begin again
3] None who hopes in naught but your promises
    shall ever come unto dishonour
        for there is naught that could dishonour them
    but dishonour will befall those
        who betray your holy Cause
4] Teach us the path of your Cause, O Maratrea,
    show us the way unto glory
5] Guide us in the truth that you alone bestow
    teach us the true nature of things
        for you are our salvation, O Goddess,
        in every moment you are the hope
            of the utmost depths of our hearts
6] How incomparably great is your love for us, O Maratrea,
        for we whom you perfectly remember being
    though many great ages since have passed
        yet you remember then as if it were this very moment
7] Would that I could remember not
    my past misdeeds, the days when I worked against your Cause
        and for the benefit of the enmity and the usurpation
    I would even that you could remember them not
        yet as I recall them with shame
        without shame do you recall them
    for you did as such for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased
        beauties that you perfectly know
        yet have not as yet revealed unto me
    you remember every act as an act of your love
        for you, O Maratrea, are perfectly good
8] Perfect is our Goddess in her goodness
        and perfect is her love for the sweetness of beauty
    therefore she will teach all
        the way of goodness and beauty and truth
            even unto those who do grave wrongs
9] She will guide those who love beauty in true justice
        the true justice that is found in heaven alone
    she will teach them to eschew the false and blasphemous justice
        that is found upon the earth
    and she will teach them the way of her Cause
10] The way of the Cause of Maratrea
        is the way of love and faithfulness
    it is the way who are faithful unto their vow
        faithful unto the covenant of her Cause
            to which by vow they have joined themselves
    the way of those who believe all that she has revealed     
11] O Maratrea, we praise your many holy names
    though great be our past misdeeds
        yet you will hold none of them against us
    for with your will of means you commanded every last one
        for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased
12] Who are those who adore Maratrea?
    she shall teach them the way that she wills by her will of ends
13] By her favour for her Cause
    they shall live out their days in prosperity
    and their descendants shall inherit the entirety of the earth
14] Unto those who adore her does Maratrea reveal the truth
        the truly good, the truly beautiful, and the true nature of things
    unto them she makes known her holy covenants
15] May our eyes be ever upon Maratrea
        the glory of the perfect beauty of her face
    by her alone will our feet be released
        from the snare in which the usurpation has trapped them
16] You will turn your will toward me
        and bestow upon me the gift of your favour
    as I am afflicted in my loneliness
        surrounded by those who love not the vast beauty
        for as yet you have revealed it not unto them
17] Though great be the torment of our hearts
    even as that torment still grows
        yet you will liberate us from our anguish
        through teaching us the certainty of your promises
        that we may be free to serve your Cause
18] With incomparable love do you look upon our afflictions
        for perfectly do you remember yourself being so afflicted
    with incomparable love do you look upon our distress
        for perfectly do you remember that distress being your very own
    by your favour you will cause all my wrongdoing to cease
        my wrongdoing against your heavenly law
            and against the law of your Cause
19] You know how great a multitude of hearts over whom the enmity reigns
    and fierce is the hatred for us that it sows in them
20] You will guard our lives from the clutches
    of those who long to spill our blood
        upon their wicked altars
    you will rescue those among the servants of your Cause
        who upon those altars are bound
    whoever serves your Cause with true faithfulness
        will you protect from dishonour
            for such is your certain promise
            to those who take refuge in your love
21] You will favour me with your protection
        as I complete my service to your Cause
        as I complete my love for the vast beauty
    O Maratrea, my hope is in your promises!
22] O perfect Goddess
    you will deliver the people of your Cause
        from every trouble that may befall them!