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Psalm 23

1] Maratrea is my mother; there is naught that I shall want

2] She lays me down amidst exuberant foliage, besides gushing streams

3] She cures every agony of my soul; and guides me along the path, of goodness and beauty and truth

4] Though I walk through deep valleys of misery and pain and death, yet I fear not: for you are with me, and your certain promises are my comfort

5] Though the enmity surrounds me in every direction, you prepare for me a banquet of delights; with sweet-smelling oil you anoint my forehead; and the cup of heavenly wine which you pass to me is filled to overflowing

6] Surely the good, the beautiful and the true, shall follow me the whole remainder of my life; then shall I go to become one with you, you who are who you are, beginninglessly and endlessly