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Psalm 22

1] My Goddess, Heavenly Mother and Queen
    a voice in my heart accuses you
        that you have foresaken me
        that you will help me not in my distress
        and hear not my woeful roaring
2] O Goddess, I cry out to you every day
    yet your answer as yet has come not to me
        and my nights are without rest
3] O Goddess, you are enthroned beyond the many worlds
    and your holiness is inutterable
        therefore are you praised by the people of your Cause
4] Those who preceeded us in your Cause, trusted in you
    they trusted, and you have delivered them unto blessing
5] Unto you they addressed their cry
    their cry which without doubt you heard
        for perfectly do you remember so crying
    yet in death you saved them from their every distress
        they trusted in your promises
            and every desire of their hearts conquered
6] By the colour of my blood that is split
    by the colour of the fire that burns within my heart
        I know my immortality
        even as the multitudes despise me
7] The servants of the enmity deride me
    insults proceed from their lips
        they seek to chain my strength
8] They say:
    That one trusted in Maratrea
        that she would deliver them
    let her deliver them
        seeing that she delights in them
9] Yet you brought me forth out of your very own being
    Your soul bore my soul as you divided and emptied yourself
        You cause me to trust in you
            Your wisdom is like milk from the breast
10] I have desired you from the moment of our separation
        even as I forgot you who I desired
            forgot by your will
    you have been my Goddess
        since the moment that you bore me
            according to the soul
11] Never are you far from me
        indeed, you are as near to me as my very own self
    even as trouble nears
        and no one appears to help
12] Those who delight in discord surround me
    great are they in number
    great are they in strength
    they are growing in number and power
    they are surrounding me
        and moving inward   
13] They open their mouths to devour me
    to roar and to tear me to pieces
        like the demon-possessed lion
14] Tears fall from my eyes like a pounding rainstorm
    and my bones and sinews ache
        my heart is molten like candle-wax
15] Into shards am I shattered, like a broken vase
    my strength and my wisdom deprived of moisture
        my tongue clings to my palate
            to the dust of death have I been taken
16] Yet in my misery, the holy dogs come to comfort me
    to defend me from the servants of the enmity
        that are encircling me
    like demon-possessed lions
    they are at my hands and feet
17] I speak of the pain in my bones;
    they rejoice to hear me recount my misfortune
18] Many do they deceive in their treachery against us;
    they plunder our posessions
19] But you, O Maratrea, your help is never distant from me;
    you always attend to my prayer
20] Deliver me from the swords of the enmity
    my precious life from their longing for blood
        by the power of the holy dogs, save me
21] Save me from the mouth of the demon-possessed lion
    and from the usurpers in the height of their power
    you hear my prayer, and your power is incommensurable
22] I will declare you names of to the people of your Cause
    I will praise you before the holy assembly
23] You who revere Maratrea, praise her!
    Those who are predestined to assume the place of the usurpers,
        praise the vastness of her glory!
    Revere her, all people of her Cause!
24] For she despises not, neither scorns,
    those who suffer in affliction
        that which she ordains but for the sake
            of the great beauties thereby purchased
        that which she compensates amply
            with the ecstasy of blessing
    she hides not from them the beauty of her countenance
        perfectly does she hear their cry for help
        for perfectly does she remember she herself so crying
25] We shall praise you in the holy assembly
    before those who revere you
        I will fulfill my vow to serve your Cause
26] Those poor in heart shall feast at your heavenly banquet
    every last longing of their souls shall be sated
        those who seek Maratrea will praise her
        their hearts will know ecstasy without beginning or end
27] The entirety of the many worlds shall come to know Maratrea
    and be converted to her wisdom
        the many peoples of the many worlds shall worship her
28] For true reign belongs to Maratrea
    and to those who faithfully serve her
        not to the usurpers the evil one has appointed
    her Cause shall assume the place throughout the many worlds
29] Her Cause shall become rich upon the earth
        the servants of her Cause will feast and worship her
    the servants of the enmity will roll in the dust
        like one nearing unto the grave
    they will beg her Cause for mercy
        and its servants shall show them compassion
30] The reign of her Cause will endure
    from first Triumph unto the end of all things
        those who are born in those days
        shall know Maratrea and adore her
31] They will proclaim the glory of her beauty
    declaring unto those as yet unborn
        the glory that she is