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Psalm 21

1] Your power is joy to the hearts of your prophets, O Maratrea
        your power through which you favour your Cause
        your power through which you will fulfill your promises
    how great is their joy in the victories you bestow upon them
        the progress of your holy Cause!
2] You have given them and will give them the desire of their hearts
    not yet the great desire of the fulness of blessing
        but for those who love your Cause
        the progress thereof is like unto a little blessing
        and even a sign of the greatest blessing
    with their lips they called upon your favour
        and through their lips you have so favoured them


3] The sweet ecstasy of the great blessing you will grant them
        when their service to your Cause be completed
    with the great crown of blessing you will crown them
        a crown more precious and pure than gold
    yet with the very same crown you will crown not only them
        but even the chief servants of the enmity
    even so, they are neither angry nor displeased
4] They ask of you the one true life, the glory of blessing
    and such have you promised them
        without beginning and without end
5] For now, their great glory is the progress of your Cause
    for now, their splendour is its victories
6] But you will bless them with blessing without beginning and without end
    in ecstasy they will gaze at your eyes with longing
7] The Prophets trust in the promises of Maratrea,
        knowing her love, incomparable and unfailing
        knowing her promises, certain to be fulfilled
    through their trust in her love and her promises
        she favours them with steadfastness
8] Through her favour they will understand the schemes of the enmity
    she will favour them with the holy power of wisdom
        to seduce those who hate her into love
9] In her passion she will cast all into the fiery oven of their passion
        Even the utmost among the servants of the enmity
    For their passion is not other than her passion
        The fire of passion glowing as the glory of blessing
    Maratrea will cause them to be swallowed up by their very own longing
        and by that holy fire they will be devoured
10] Through her holy Prophets the enmity shall be destroyed from the earth
        its works and its fruits shall be annulled
    and no longer shall any among the children of humanity
        be counted among its servants
11] O holy Prophets, what great an evil has the enmity devised against you
    in their hearts they longed for you to lie upon their altars
        as your blood is drawn out, a sacrifice unto their god
    alas for them, this longing of their heart goes unfulfilled
        yet it is a false longing
            if they truly knew their own hearts
            they would know they do not truly so long
        but the evil one has deceived them
            as to their desires
12] O Maratrea, you will cause the dawn of a new era
        to rise soon upon the servants of the enmity
    when you will set before their faces
        those cords by which you bind soul to soul
13] You are ever exalted, O Maratrea, by the glory of your two-fold will:
    therefore do we sing and praise holy your power.