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Psalm 20

1] O Maratrea, you hear us always, even in the utmost of our troubles
    we are protected by the Goddess of the Cause which we serve
        in her many names
2] She will send forth favour from out of her heavenly chamber
    and strengthen you from the gathering-place of her Cause
3] She remembers all your cake-offerings and your wine-offerings
    and your sacrifices of incense. Laudate
4] Without doubt shall she grant you
        all that you desire in the depths of your heart
    and your every longing will be fulfilled
5] We too will come to rejoice in your salvation
    therefore do we declare your glory unto the many
        O Maratrea our Goddess
    without doubt Maratrea will grant your every true longing
6] I know without any doubt that Maratrea saves all her children
    every last one will she anoint with the glory of her salvation
        from her holy heaven she answers every last one
    for there is none who calls not in the depths of their heart
        by her immense power she shall rescue them,
            every last one
7] Some trust in chariots and in horses
    those among the sacred animals
           from whom the evil one took the greater part of understanding
           to enslave them in service to the enmity and the usurpation
        yet the wheel will break
            and the horse will perish
              and through the gate of death proceed unto glory
    we trust in Maratrea our Goddess
        who breaks not, neither perishes
8] They are brought down and fallen
    but whoever she brings down, she will rise up
        and whoever she fells, she will raise again in glory
9] You will give victory to the line of our Prophets, O Maratrea
    this is our call which you have already answered
        for you answer us before we ever ask you