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Psalm 2

1] Why do the usurpers conspire, and their kingdoms plot in vain?
2] The usurping kings rise up, those rulers bind themselves together, against Maratrea, and against the one whom she has Appointed.
3] They say: We shall persecute them mercilessly, and cast them out of their houses.
4] She who dwells in her heaven shall smile upon us; our Heavenly Queen shall humble them.
5] Then shall she speak against them in her longing, and disturb them with wine and with fire.
6] For Maratrea declares, Upon the holy mountain the libation is offered unto me, for the favour of the one whom I have chosen: in the place I have appointed for the ingathering of my Cause.
7] This one shall declare the decree: Maratrea has said unto me: You are my child; I remember the day I became you.
8] As you have asked of me, I shall deliver the many peoples unto your care, the whole of the earth for my Empire
9] You shall cherish them with a sceptre of gold, as vessels being moulded you shall rub them together.
10] And now, usurping rulers, understand! Prepare for correction, false judges of the earth: for justice belongs to heaven alone, but blasphemers claim what belongs not to them.
11] Worship Maratrea with adoration, and praise her with shivering love
12] Grasp learning! before your fraudulent justice moves her to cause your power to wander away from you; for now her countenance is kindled but a little. Favoured are all those who take put their trust in her.