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Psalm 19

1] The heavens declare the glory of the Goddess
    and the dark expanse is a testament to her skill
2] Day after day the blue firmament pours forth speech
    and night after night their song bestows knowledge
3] A song without speech, a song beyond language
    and yet their voice is heard
4] Their sound goes forth throughout the whole earth
        and their wordless words unto the end of all things
    The Goddess has appointed in the heavens a course for the sun   
5] with joy it comes forth out of its night chamber
    and throughout the day it runs its course
6] its circuit passes from one end of heaven to the other
    and immense is its heat
        but she has appointed for us great trees
            and deep caves
        to hide ourselves from the heat thereof
7] The law of Maratrea is perfect
    the soul which learns of it is converted to faithfulness thereto
        the revelations of Maratrea are certain in their truth
            therein even those of feeble minds
                will find for themselves true wisdom
8] The decrees of Maratrea bring about immense beauties
        therefore the heart that loves beauty rejoices in them
    the commands of Maratrea have always a pure end
        however impure their necessary means
    knowledge thereof enlightens the eye of the heart
9] Adoration of Maratrea is pure
    and it endures without beginning and without end
        for in adoring her
            we become participants in her own self-adoration
    her decrees are certain
        and perfect in goodness and beauty
10] Her decrees are far more precious than gold
        even gold of the utmost purity
    Her decrees are sweeter than honey
        even the dripping honeycomb
11] You have decreed that the servants of your Cause be enlightened
    you have decreed the greatest reward for all of your children
        for every last one
12] Who can understand the ends for which you command wickedness!
    but keep my heart pure of such faults, even the hidden ones
13] You will spare the servants of your Cause
    from the ravages of the enmity and of the usurpation
        when the usurpers reign not any longer
        then the multitudes will become unblemished
        and become cleansed of the wickedness the usurpers inspire
14] The words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart
        will be acceptable according to your twofold law
    O Maratrea, my protector, my saviour