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Psalm 18

1] I love you, O Maratrea, with all of my power.
2] Maratrea is my certain foundation,
    my refuge in troubled times,
        my saviour, and the saviour of all saviours.
    my Goddess is ever-helping,
        and all my hopes I place in her;
    my protector and the source of my salvation;
        in her arms I take refuge.
3] I call upon Maratrea, who is worthy to be praised:
    for she shall save us from the enmity.
4] The threat of destruction entangled me
    and torrents of despair overwhelmed me.
5] The slaves of Pandal surrounded me
    they have laid their traps with me in their mind.
6] In the midst of my affliction I called unto Maratrea
    and unto my Goddess I cried out.
   From her heavenly cavern she heard my voice
    before I had even spoken it
    for she herself remembered so crying.
7] The earth does tremble, and the mountains quake,
    with the fire of the desire of the Goddess.
8] Smoke and fire ascends from beneath the earth,
    and burning coals along with them:
        for her longing sets the earth aflame.
9] Dark clouds gather in the sky,
    a certain sign of her presence!
        and thick darkness falls upon the earth.
10] And present is a great spirit of her
    in the form of a great warm wind
11] The darkness is her holy robe,
    within which she hides her secrets;
        a canopy of dark rain clouds
        hangs over her blessed tresses
12] A gentle glow issues forth as the radiance of her presence
    a soft light proceeds from the clouds
        rain falls upon flames
            yet they are not extinguished.
13] And the holy Maratrea spoke from her heaven
    and her voice was heard as thunder
14] Lightning multiplied across the earth
    a terrifying sight for the wicked
        but to the hearts of the good a great joy.
15] And great springs of water sprung up
    as fountains out of the rocks
        the foundations of being are revealed, O Maratrea,
            from the weighty breath of your love.
16] From her heaven she calls the children of her Cause
    she takes them into her care
        and they rest in peace in the midst of her springs
17] She will rescue them from the power of the enmity
    which detests truth and goodness and beauty;
        though for now it be far stronger than her Cause
        the day will come when her Cause be far stronger than it.
18] The enmity assaults them in the day of their greatest weakness
    but Maratrea is their protector
19] She will bring us to a spacious place
    the many branches of our blessing
        she will save all
        for there is none in whom she does not delight
20] Maratrea will grant us recompense according to our sufferings
    according to the poverty that our hearts have endured
        the poverty of unfulfilled dreams
21] Therefore will I keep the ways of the Cause of Maratrea
    I will do not evil according to the will of ends of my Goddess
22] For her two-fold law is before my mind
    and I will turn not from faithfulness to it.
23] I will seek perfection in service to her Cause
    and keep myself from all that distracts from it.
24] Maratrea will return the beauty she borrowed of us
    for the sake of yet further beauties
    in true love of beauty we are ever-willing creditors
        May I therefore devote the whole of my power
            to the service of her Cause
25] To the cruel you show kindness,
    in the faithless you have faith.
26] To the wicked you show your bounty,
    and to those who hate you,
        you show your incomparable love.
27] For you will save the humble and the proud alike;
    all shall you save, and there is none whom you shall save not.
28] You will enlighten my mind, O Maratrea my Goddess;
    and in my ignorance you planted seeds of wisdom.
29] For by you I shall be rescued from the powers of the enmity,
    and by my Goddess I shall surmount ever barrier to your Cause.
30] My Goddess is unblemished in her beauty,
    Her words burn as stars in the dark night sky
        She defends all those who take refuge in her Cause
31] For what deity is there apart from our Goddess?
    And who exists but those for whom our Goddess is the source?
32] O Heavenly Mother, you will fill me with strength,
    and perfect my way of service to your Cause.
33] For the sake of her Cause she will cause us to wander
        And dart quickly from place to place
    For the sake of her Cause she leads us up the coldest mountains.
34] She will teach us the ways of war, for the glory of her Cause;
    though those arrayed against us be mighty
        we shall bend them.
35] You will protect us for the salvation of your Cause,
    as your power sustains your Cause,
        your wisdom heals us, for the glory of the end,
        and your wisdom itself teaches us.
36] You make a wide path for your Cause
    that the servants thereof shall weary not excessively
37] We will pursue the enmity, and overtake it;
    and we shall not turn back until whenever it should cease.
38] We shall squeeze it, and in no way shall it be able to stand;
    it will fall under our feet.
39] And you will endow us with your power for holy war;
    and you will subdue beneath us the enmity which attacks us.
40] You will cause the enmity to turn its back to us and flee,
    that power which detests you
        you will utterly destroy
41] The enmity will cry out for help,
    but none shall come to its assistance
        it will cry unto its lord
            yet he will be powerless to save it
42] The enmity you will crush into a fine dust
        to be blown away by the wind
    you will destroy the enmity
        it will become as the filth of the streets
43] You will deliver us from the contentions of the unbelievers,
    you will place the people of your Cause
        first among all nations
            even the most remote lands
            shall come under the care of your Cause
44] When the unbelievers hear the law, they will obey;
    even though their obedience will be begrudging
45] But the unbelievers shall fade away
    they shall come forth out of their strongholds
        trembling with shame
46] Behold that Maratrea lives,
    our Goddess who is the fountainhead of all blessing
        the Goddess of our salvation will be praised
47] O Goddess, you will vindicate your Cause,
    and subdue the enmity there-under;
        you will liberate us from the enmity
            even as it rages against your Cause.
48] She delivers us from the enmity
    indeed, she exalts us above those who would be exalted above us,
        from the slaves of fraudulent justice she rescues us.
49] Therefore do I praise you, O Maratrea, among the unbelievers,
    I will sing psalms in praise of your names.
50] She grants great victories unto her Prophets,
    she shows the favour of her Cause
        unto those whom she has appointed
        even unto the Saviour to Come
            and to the successors thereof
                until all things end but to begin again