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Psalm 17

1] You hear my prayer, O Maratrea
    and without doubt you will grant the longing of my heart
        a true longing for goodness and beauty
        not a false longing proclaimed in self-ignorance
2] The branch of my blessing will come forth from your chamber
    my eyes will behold the beauties you proclaim they deserve
3] You know the secret depths of my heart, and my night-time dreams
    for you remember perfectly your heart and your dreams
        you have submitted me unto these trials
        for the sake of blessing
        but soon shall my blessing come in turn
    therefore I am resolved that my mouth proclaim your truth
4] As for the deeds of immense wickedness
    of which the many do approve
    by the words you have revealed to me
        I have kept myself from bloody sacrifices unto Pandal
5] My progress will remain steadfast in the way of your Cause
    my footings will not slip
6] I call upon you, O Goddess, for without doubt you hear my call
    you hear the call you remember you yourself calling
    you hear the words you remember you yourself speaking
7] You will show me your incomparable love
    O you who saves your children by the power of your promises
        therefore we put our trust in them
    you who save us even from the enmity in its wickedness and usurpation
8] You will protect me, as if I am the pupil of your eye
    You will hide me in the shadow of your wings
        as the mother bat hides her child
9] From the wickedness of the usurpers who oppress us
    from the enmity which lusts after innocent blood
        to offer as a sacrifice to its lord
    they surround us, and conspire to destroy us
10] Their callous hearts are closed
    and their mouths arrogantly praise evil
11] They have now surrounded us upon our journey
    they have fixed their eyes upon us
        seeking to cast us down into the dust
12] They are like the demon-infested lion
        hungry for human flesh
    like the lion in the glory of the strength of its youth
        which lurks in secret places
13] O Maratrea, your longing for the end will arise
    the enmity will be disappointed and cast down
        you will deliver us from the reign of the wicked usurpers
        by the armies of your Saviour to Come
14] O Maratrea, by your power you will save us from the slaves of Pandal
        whose reign is limited in its bounds and its time
    even as for now they are filling their bellies with treasure
        and there is naught that their children lack
    and a great inheritance do they leave to their children
15] As for me, I will behold the beauty of your face
    I shall be satisfied, when I awake in your heavenly chamber
        and see your adorable smile