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Psalm 16

1] You preserve me, O Goddess, in whom I take refuge.

2] I have said unto Maratrea,
"You are my Queen,
My goodness is naught apart from you,
for I am not other than you."

3] As for the faithful servants of your Cause,
who are on the earth, of them you say,
"These are the noble ones, in whom my will for the Cause delights."

4] As to those who work to oppose her Cause;
      their struggles shall be multiplied
Blood sacrifices I will not offer, for such those who love evil offer;
Nor will I take up the name of Pandal upon my lips.

5] O Maratrea, Great is the goodness and beauty you have bestowed upon me,
And the blessing you have purchased through my suffering,
And the blessing concerning which you shall grant me perfect knowledge.

6] Your favours have come upon me pleasantly;
What is less than the fulness of the favour of blessing,
Yet still in many ways pleasant.

7] I praise Maratrea who has bestowed upon me understanding;
She educates my heart in the seasons of the night.

8] I have set Maratrea always before me;
Because She is in my heart I shall not be moved from the path.

9] Therefore my heart and my tongue are glad;
The flesh of the eunuch rests in certain hope of blessing.

10] For You will not leave my soul in despair,
Nor will You allow your Cause to be permanently vanquished.

11] You show me the path which is good;
In Your power is the fullness of beauty;
Through blessing and through union is joy ever-remaining.