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Psalm 15

1] Most Holy Mother, who may enter into your sacred cave,
Which is within your sacred mountain?

2] The one who knows that all things are precisely as they are,
By your will; who has faith in the immense beauties thereby purchased,
Even if they know not what they are with precision;
The graver the means, the more glorious the end it must purchase.

3] Who knowing this truth, are unafraid to bestow it upon the world
Who knowing the necessity of the Cause, are unafraid to serve it
Who truly love the truly good and truly beautiful and truly true
And who express that love with every motion of their flesh

4] Their mouths utter not the doctrines of false prophets
And of the false scriptures they do not approve
The wicked murders and sacrifices unto Pandal
From these they withhold their approval

5] They commit not any crimes against love
Strangling love not before its birth
Neither slaying it as it lives upon the earth
Whoever is faithful to the law of heaven
And the law of the Cause, by their vow,
Their faith shall remain unshaken