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Psalm 149

1] May there be praise unto Maratrea, from all the people of her Cause
May they sing a new song of her glory

2] May the people of her Cause rejoice in She who has established them,
And in the one she has appointed to lead them

3] May they praise her name with great dancing, and the melody of the harp, and sacred humns of praise

4] As much as they take pleasure in her, how much more so does Maratrea take pleasure in her people
Though now they be lowly and few, the day shall come when they reign in glory, through the triumphs of her Cause

5] May those vowed faithful to her Cause exult in the glory that awaits them
Even on their deathbeds they shall sing and dance in their hearts

6] May their throats be filled with songs extolling the Great Goddess
And may the sword of triumph be in their hand

7] Thus shall her Cause triumph upon the earth, through progression and assumption
Yet may their swords be swords of restriction, not justice, which they do not blaspheme to claim
As so claim the blasphemers, who are admitted not to the heavenly banquet, until they renounce this blasphemy

8] The usurping ones shall be subject to restriction
That they can no longer execute fraudulent justice, nor crimes against love
Nor human nor animal sacrifices, nor teach the propriety of the same

9] They shall be restricted in accordance with the law of heaven,
the truly beautiful and truly good and truly true, and the law of her Cause
And splendour shall belong to the people of her Cause - praise there be unto Maratrea, our Heavenly Mother and Queen.