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Psalm 148

1] All praise Maratrea; in her heavens she is praised
    and upon her holy mountain on the earth
2] All spirits vowed to her Cause praise her
    in all their vast array
3] The sun and the moon do praise her
    and all the stars of the sacred night
4] Her many heavens praise her, and also the heavenly seas
5] They all praise the names of Maratrea
    for she commanded and they appeared before her
6] She set them in place for the duration of this age
    she gave a decree that they would pass not away
        until all things pass away
        but to begin again
7] Praise Maratrea from the earth
    sacred animals of the waters
        and of the ocean depths
8] Lightning and hail, snow and clouds
    stormy winds that do her bidding
9] All mountains and all trees
    the fruit trees and the great figs
10] and all the sacred animals
    of earth and tree and the night sky
11] those who reign on earth apart from usurpation
    and every people
12] the young and the old, the female and the male
13] they will all praise the names of Maratrea
    for her names are the highest of all names
        her splendour far exceeds all else
            in the earth and in the heavens
14] She is raising a mountain
        beneath which all the people of her Cause will gather
        beneath which they will offer her praise
    the people of her Cause, a people near to her heart
        Praise Maratrea