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Psalm 147

1] Praise there be unto Maratrea!
        for how goodly is it to sing praises unto our Goddess
    it brings joy and ecstasy to our hearts
        to praise she who is most worthy of praise!
2] Maratrea will build up the holy city
        the place appointed for the great ingathering
    in that place she shall gather together the people of her Cause
        in many lands labouring under the yoke of usurpation
3] She heals hearts shattered by the crimes of the usurpers
    the balm of healing she applies to their wounds
4] She knows every star, yet does even she know their number?
        She calls her every child by their name
        But has she ever counted her children?
    And what she knows not
        is known by none
            and is not that it might be known.
5] Great is the glory of our Goddess Maratrea
    none can equal or exceed her in power
        for all is precisely as she wills to be
    whatever is known by anyone, she knows
        there is naught that she knows not
6] Maratrea is the source of all being
        the life of the mighty
        the life of the weak
    she is the source even of the enmity
        but the enmity she shall cast down to destruction
7] Sing to Maratrea in ecstasy with praise
    praise her for the beauties she has born
    with the sacred harp make sweet music for her
8] As she covers the sky with clouds
        so does she keep the world from her wisdom
    for through wisdom the world will perish
        but she will pour down her holy rain as a flood
    green foliage shall grow upon the mountains
        in the last of days
9] She gives unto every soul that of which they are needful
        to fulfill the longings of their hearts
    in youth they will sing of the sweetness of their ecstasy
        the sweetness of the ecstasy of blessing
10] Though by her will of means she has willed
    the servants of the enmity and usurpation
        to enslave the holy horse
            with whom to wage terror
        from whom the evil one took
            the greater part of understanding
    yet she takes no pleasure in what she has willed
        only in the beauties thereby purchased
    the champion of the enmity perishes in battle
        she takes pleasure not in his death
        but she takes pleasure in the progress of her Cause
11] Maratrea delights in those who adore her,
    who put their hope in her unceasing love
12] Praise Maratrea for her glory, O holy city;
    praise your Goddess in the appointed place
13] She strengthens the bars of your gates
    and favours her children within your walls
14] To your borders by her favour she grants peace
    she favours you with fine wheat
        for the cakes you offer her in sacrifice
15] Unto the many worlds she sends
        the decrees of her will of means
    they are obeyed in the very same moment
        that she sends them
16] Though for a time she has willed great evil
        she will will the purification of all things
            a great cleansing, in which all evil shall perish
        and the reign of her Cause shall cover the entirety of the many worlds
    Though for now we wallow in the ashes of decaying dreams
        and are scattered far away from the longings of our hearts
    in the end, she will grant us all for which we truly wish
        and that grant is the grant of blessing   
17] She showers down from heaven fragments of heavenly gems
    terrible in their beauty
        so that all will look
        upon the warmth of her face.
18] She will send forth her holy word
        and the enmity and usurpation will dissolve before our eyes;
    she will command the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause
        and the waters of true wisdom will be poured out upon us.
19] She has revealed her word
    unto that people she has chosen
        to supplant the usurpers
    she has revealed her heavenly law
        and her decrees for the end of all things
    unto the people of her Cause
20] She has done this for none other people;
    by her will of means
    for the sake of beauties thereby purchased
        they know not her heavenly law
    Praise there be unto Maratrea!