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Psalm 146

1] May all praise the Great Sea Mother. May my soul praise Maratrea, the threefold Goddess.

2] As long as I live, and even thereafter, shall I sing unto the Heavenly Mother, my Goddess;
May the sweet melody endure beyond the end of my life

3] Put not your trust in the usurpational powers, false claimants of nobility
There is no salvation within them, for their hearts are ruled by evil

4] Their words go forth, and they contain not truth; glorious shall be the day their words perish

5] Happy are those who have the Goddess as their Salvation, and who trust in her promises

6] She who begat the many souls, and the many universes in which they dwell;
Whose goodness and beauty and truth are beginningless and endless

7] Whose justice is true, unlike the false justice of the usurpers upon the earth
She fulfils the hunger of the heart, and liberates all from the chains of the usurpers

8] Unto those blind in the heart, she grants the vision of her beautiful countenance
Though the people of her Cause, who love what is good, are now downtrodden, without doubt they shall reign

9] She guards those of her Cause who sojourn where the place has not yet been assumed,
And the usurpers still reign in injustice

10] She shall reign beginninglessly and endlessly; and when in the promised land the place is assumed,
such shall begin her double Reign. Praise there be!