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Psalm 145

1] I will praise you for your glory,
        O my Goddess, Heavenly Queen
    I will praise your holy names
        without beginning and without end
    for my praise is not other than
        your beginningless and endless self-praising.
2] I will praise you every day,
        every night and every morning
    my lips shall praise your holy names
        as long as I have lips to praise you
3] How great and glorious is Maratrea
        there is none more worth of praise
    whoever can fathom her greatness
        has become absolutely identical to her
4] May each generation teach your glory unto their children
    may they proclaim the vastness of your beauty
5] May they speak of your inutterable perfection
    the splendour of your glory
    may they mediate upon the many beauties you have emanated
6] May they tell of your power
    by which all is precisely as it is
    by which so many great beauties are purchased
7] May they celebrate the vastness of your fecundity
    and in ecstasy sing of your incomparable love
8] Maratrea is ever-generous, ever-compassionate
    no matter what her children do
    she never responds with anger
        for how could she be angered
        by their perfect obedience to her will?
    and her love is a richness beyond all treasure
9] Maratrea grants unto all the glory of blessing
    she has compassion for every last one of her children
    all of whom she perfectly remembers being
    all of whom she will become
10] Every beauty praises you, Maratrea
    all who truly love beauty will praise you
11] They will speak of the glories you have emanated
    the power and wisdom by which beauties are purchased
12] To make known to all of her children, every last one,
    the glories that she has born
    the glory which shall be fulfilled through her Cause
13] Your empire is an empire
        without beginning and without end
    your dominion perdures
        throughout the circle of time
    Maratrea is faithful in all her promises
        whatever she promises
        without doubt comes to pass
14] Whoever falls down into despair
        Maratrea shall lift up into glory
    whoever falls and is not uplifted
        in another branch falls not at all
        in this branch is granted knowledge of that other
15] The eyes of all who know truth
        long to gaze at the beauty of your face
    you will invite them to your heavenly feast
        at the proper time
16] You pour out your divine power
    and satisfy the longings of every heart
17] Maratrea is beautiful in all her ways
    all that she wills
        she wills for the sake of beauty
    and blessing is the greatest beauty
18] Maratrea is near unto all
        even those who by her will hate her
        for they are none other than her
    she is near to those who call upon her in truth
    and to those who despise her in falsehood
19] She fulfills the earnest longings of all her children
    every true desire is fulfilled in blessing
        both those of her children who serve her in her Cause
        and even of those who serve the enmity
    she hears the cry of every heart
        and saves it from the absence of blessing
20] Maratrea protects all her children
        those who love her
        but also those who hate her
    none of her children shall she destroy
        not even those greatest in wickedness
    but she will destroy the wickedness
        that dwells in their hearts
21] My mouth will praise Maratrea
   Every soul will praise her holy names
    the human beings will praise them
    the sacred animals will praise them
    without beginning and without end