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Psalm 144

1] Praise there be unto Maratrea
    great rock upon whom all things are founded
    who through the Spirits vowed to serve her in her Cause
        teaches me and empowers me
            for the cause of holy war,
        and pours out holy wisdom upon me
            for the final battle
2] She is my loving Goddess,
    great fortress, my refuge and my protection,
    who delivers me from all evil and sorrow and ugliness
    and from the anguish that is the absence of blessing
        through her we shall subdue
            the enmity and the usurpation
3] O Goddess Maratrea,
    you care for us all, for we your children
        according to the soul
    you bore our souls out of your very own being
    indeed by emptying and dividing yourself
        you became us
    how could you not therefore think of us unceasingly
    we whom you perfectly remember being
    we whom you love with a perfect love
    and whom you became on account of your love
4] The soul seems almost vaporous
        its moments fleeting in the river of time
    yet it is the ultimate existence of all things
        days pass quickly into the shadows of forgetfulness
    yet perfect is your memory
        and every moment returns to us
            exactly the same
            and everything lost is perfectly regained
5] The gates of your heavens you will open, O glorious Maratrea,
    and through those gates the waters of your wisdom
    will pour out as a flood
    descending upon mountains in a torrential downpour
    and our hearts will burn with the passion of fire
6] You will help your Cause with holy lightning
    empowering us to disperse the enmity
    you are sending them wounding disfavour
    and filling their minds with confusion
7] You will send your power upon us from your heavens far beyond
    delivering us from the enmity and the usurpation
    restoring us to our original glory
        a glory that is none other than your own
    pouring out your perfect wisdom upon us
        as the waters of a great flood
    through the captain of the spirits vowed faithful to your Cause
        empowering all your children who are vowed to serve it
8] For the mouths of the usurpers speak many lies
    they use their power for deceit
9] Unto you, O my Goddess
        will I sing a song that I have sung not before
    sweet music shall come forth from the thirteen-stringed lyres
10] In praise of the Heavenly Queen who gives victory to every soul
    but victory for every soul is defeat for many spirits
        for the spirits of the enmity dwell in many souls
        and their victory is defeat for the souls in which they dwell
    she adores every one among her children whom she has become
    therefore every last one among them does she rescue
        from the deadly swords of the enmity and the usurpers
        lusting after bloody sacrifices
11] You will deliver us and rescue us
        from the power of the usurpation and the enmity
    for the mouths of the usurpers speak many lies
        they use their power for deceit
12] Then our children in the glory of the beauty of their youth
        will live lives as luscious and lascivious foliage
        for such is the glory of blessing
    and our daughters in their beauty
        will be like the finely carved pillars
        that adorn the heavenly palaces
13] Our treasuries will overflow
        with gold and jewel and gemstone
    fine meats shall we consume at our banquets
    and our cellars will overflow with wine
14] The rule of her Cause will be firmly established
        throughout the entirety of the world
    the walls of our cities will be breached not
        for there will be none left who seek to breach them
        they will crumble, yet we will remain secure
    the enmity and the usurpation will take not any more captives
        none shall any longer cry in distress at their misdeeds
15] Favoured are the people for whom this is true
    favoured are the people who worship Maratrea as their Goddess
        favoured are the people of her Cause