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Psalm 143

1] O Goddess Maratrea, without doubt do you hear my prayer
    for perfectly do you remember yourself so praying
        perfectly do you know the every earnest longing of my heart
        and certain is your promise to grant every last one
    ever certain are your promises
        as certain as your love for beauty is deep
2] You judge not any among your children
        with the fraudulent judgements of the earth
    unto those who have done wrong
        you never repay them with a new and different wrongdoing
            however similar
    in your eyes which know all things naught is innocent
        for even the most innocent of things
        demands great evils necessary for its existence
3] The enmity has persecuted our souls
    it has struck down our lives unto the ground
        it has made us to dwell in coldness
            like the corpses of those long dead
4] So my soul is overwhelmed within me
    and my innards of my heart are desolated
5] I remember the days of old
    those beauties which I glimpsed yet were never mine
    those beauties that have by now long departed from this world
        I meditate on all of your works
        I muse on the works of your power
6] I stretch forth my hands unto you
    ready to receive whatever gifts your favour will bestow
        my souls thirsts for your wisdom
        as a thirsty land thirsts for rain
7] May that end for which you long be delayed but a little while longer
    Ever true prayer of my heart you long to answer
        And without doubt you shall, at the proper time
    O Maratrea
        My soul faints
        May you hide the beauty of your countenance from me
            But a little while longer
        Without faith in your promises to sustain me
            Surely I will fall soon into the grave
8] May you cause me to think first of your incomparable love
    as I awake in the morning
        in your promises I put the whole of my trust
    may you cause me to know the way of your Cause
        that I may walk faithfully therein
            for it is in you that my soul exults
9] Deliver me, O Maratrea, from the vileness of the enmity
    I take refuge in the protection of your favour for your Cause
10] May you teach me to obey your will of ends
    as perfectly as all obey your will of means
        for you are my Goddess
        how beautiful is your countenance
        may you lead me into the land of those who love true beauty
11] For the sake of the glory of your many names, O Maratrea
    revive my soul that I may love the truly beautiful with earnestness
    revive my soul from the distresses that assail it
12] And in your incomparable love you will destroy the enmity that assails me
    and silence all of the servants thereof
        for I am a servant of your Cause
            may I be a servant faithful