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Psalm 142

1] I cry out, and my Heavenly Mother hears me
I cry out, and she remembers so crying
2] I pour out my fears before her
All those things which trouble my soul
3] When my courage grows faint
My faith in her restores me
Though in the way wherein I walk
Many threaten me in their ignorance
4] Alas I have found none who knows that beauty
Which I have come to know
Nor any who loves that beauty
As I have come to love
5] I cry out to you, O Mother
I say, Your promises are my refuge
For which sake I go on living
6] You hear my cry in my desperate need
Now that I am persued by destruction
Which names itself unending denial
7] But your promises have render such impossible
Revealed as a lie what others swear is truth
I shall speak this truth unto all
And gather up many to believe it