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Psalm 141

1] Maratrea, I cry unto you: how quickly do you come to me, for you are already here; you hear my voice when I cry unto you, for you perfectly remember you yourself so crying

2] May my prayer be placed before you as incense; and my upraised hands as the sacrament of the dusk

3] Set a guard, O Maratrea, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips

4] Incline not my heart to evil, to cooperation in grave wrongdoing: and I will not serve their leaders of evil

5] When I stray, may those who love good redirect me in kindness; their critique shall be as the oil of favour on my forehead, may my head refuse it not; and as they favour me, I shall be unafraid to favour them

6] When the usurpers fall down the side of the cliff, they shall hear my sweet words

7] Our bones are scattered at the mouth of the grave, as the earth is ploughed and broken

8] But my eyes look to you, O Goddess Maratrea: in you I have put my trust, for you shall leave not my soul destitute

9] Favour to guard me from the jaws of the snares they have laid, and the baits with which they seek to tempt me the authors of misfortune

10] They shall be ensnared in the very snares they have set for me, even as I escape

v6:    Meaning that, when the usurpational powers are overthrown, we shall treat them with kindness and not with vengeance.