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Psalm 140

1] Without doubt, O Maratrea
    you will rescue the children of your Cause
        and save them from the wickedness of the enmity
        and preserve them from the violence thereof
2] day after day is wickedness devised in their hearts
    and they gather themselves together for unholy war
3] Their mouths are as deadly like those of poisonous serpents
    and venomous are the words on their lips
4] Without doubt, O Maratrea
    you will keep us from the power of the enmity in its wickedness
        and preserve us from the violence thereof
    for it is resolved to destroy the progress of your Cause
5] The enmity in its pride have hidden traps for us
    and spread out its net with ropes to entangle us
        they have laid traps for your Cause
        to retard its progress
6] We say unto Maratrea
    You are our Goddess
        without doubt you hear our prayers
            O Maratrea
7] O Goddess Maratrea,
    your unfathomable power is our salvation
        your favour is our protection
        in the days of the last of all wars
8] O Maratrea, without doubt,
    you will grant not the desire of the enmity in the last days
    you will disfavour them with the favour of your Cause
        and your longing that all things end but to begin again
    you will not permit their plans to meet success
        and they will be defeated in their pride
9] The enmity will be destroyed
    by the very evils it has planned for your Cause
10] Your disfavour will descend upon it like burning coals
    you shall cast its sceptres into pits of fire
        its power shall rise not again
        until all things begin again
11] Those who speak evil will reign no longer upon the earth
        as they reign now in usurpation
    and those whose hearts love wicked sacrifices
        will be overtaken by your disfavour   
12] We know that Maratrea will sustain her Cause
    for the salvation of all who are afflicted
        and that whosoever dwells now in poverty
        shall in due course inherit an immensity of wealth
13] Without doubt, all those who love beauty will praise your names
    and the blessed shall dwell in identity with you.