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Psalm 14

1] The fool says in their heart,
There is no objective goodness nor beauty,
How, believing such of it, could they be truly faithful thereto?
They are lacking in their hearts.

2] From her heavenly throne, Maratrea knows perfectly all that she has wrought
She knows who understands, and who does not
Who loves goodness and beauty, and who does not
For whoever loves, by her will they so love
And whoever loves not, by her will they are so lacking in love
3] Have all turned from beauty? Have all become corrupt in their hearts?
Is anyone true to it? Even one?

4] Do they know anything, they whose hearts are so lacking in good?
They devour those who love good, like their lives were a royal feast
And their words never mention what is truly good
5] And yet, the day shall come, when they are overwhelmed with dread
For though they love not the good, those who do shall triumph over them

6] And there shall be established a place of refuge
Wherein this triumph shall first take place
7] Behold that the salvation of the people of the Cause
Shall come forth out of her sacred mountain
The place shall be assumed, usurpers overthrown
The people of her Cause shall be free
And great shall be the gladness of those who truly love good.