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Psalm 139

1] Perfectly do you know me, O Maratrea, even the depths of my heart: for perfectly do you remember being me

2] You know for what reasons my heart rises and falls, you know my thoughts when my mind is distant

3] You know my path and my despair; you are intimately acquainted with my every longing

4] Before any word is upon my tongue, you, Maratrea, know it fully: for perfectly do you remember yourself so speaking

5] Perfectly do you know what I have done and what I will do, for every act is the fruit of your will

6] Your knowledge is utterly beyond me: for whoever knows what you know, becomes utterly indistinguishable from you

7] There is nowhere I may go beyond the power of the spirits who serve you in your Cause: I can never escape your presence, for I am your presence.

8] Were I to ascend to the furthest heavens, therein would I find you; but in the depths of utmost despair you also make your dwelling

9] Through your rites may I raise my heart to the heights of the stars, though I dwell in the depths of the sea, the sea that you are, the Sea of All Souls united as One.

10] Always will your favour guide me, and your power shall hold me to my vow.

11] I shall say, May the holy darkness engulf me; may the sacred night be my light

12] For the darkness is of your glory, for greater than day is the night, the night in which you are ever-dwelling

13] For you created me out of your very own being; in your heavenly womb, you became me.

14] I praise you, for terrible is the beauty found among your children: such wonders have you bore, faces that burn the eyes with their glory

15] My life was not hidden from you, as you became in me in secret, intricately woven in the depths of many lives, of much sorrow and great pain

16] Perfectly even then did you know me, for perfectly did you remember being the one you were becoming

17] What secret thoughts are yours, that were I to know them, they would shine as precious jewels? How great must be their number!

18] I cannot count what you have not counted, even as you perfectly know all that you have counted not; then I awaken from such dreams, yet still are you with me.

19] Without doubt, O Goddess, you will bring an end to wickedness, to the enmity and the usurpation: those who love bloody sacrifices we shall cast out to the furthest places.

20] The enmity speaks against you with evil intent; the enmity defiles your holy names.

21] O Maratrea, I hate not those who hate you, for they are not other than you, and to hate them is to hate you; I abhor their crimes against your heavenly law, but I abhor them not, for their every deed you have commanded.

22] As much as I hate them, I hate you, for they are you and also among your children; but may I hate in  the utmost the wickedness they praise.

23] Perfectly do you know my heart, O Goddess; may my heart be pure, and freed from all anxieties.

24] Whatever there be in me that offends your Cause, may you soon now put that out; that your Cause may proceed quickly unto glory.