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Psalm 138

1] Heavenly Queen, with all our being we shall praise you
    And through the deities you have ordained

2] I bow in adoration in your holy Temples,
    And speak with my lips your sweet, sweet name
    Greatest love and greates truth
    For you are above all things, and the origin of them.

3] Whenever I cry out, you hear me;
    You strengthen my being with the favour of your cause.

4] All earth shall be ruled by those who praise you,
    Holy Mother, by those who have heard your word of truth.

5] May they sing of your beauty; that great beauty you have promised us.

6] Greatest are you, yet you have been and shall be,
    the least and the great

7] Though many troubles befall us, in your favour shall we be safe;
    Your favour shall protect us from the wrath of the enmity;
    Your favour shall preserve your cause.

8] Holy Mother, you shall fulfill your promises to us;
    Your greatness, without beginning, without end,
    This Cause you have established shall endure until all things end.