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Psalm 137

1] By the river of life we lay down to weep
As we dream of those things which we falsely think
Shall never be ours

2] Those mad dreams of the heart
Dreamt in the depths of the night

3] Alas, alas, we have forgotten
That which we once possessed in the fullness thereof
And though we may from time to time be deprived thereof
Deprivation is never permanent

4] I want to sing the song of my heart
But the words come not to me
And my voice is unworthy of them

5] Yet there are songs whose words I have heard not
Or songs whose sound I have forgotten
But without doubt shall come to remember again

6] What a glorious day shall that be
Until then, I live in fear of the wrongdoers

7] Yet may I never forget, that I am they who wrong me
As we are Our Mother who commands them to wrong me
And how perfectly do they obey her every command

8] Yet she commands them as such
Not that their wrongs be good in themselves
But she has seen the great beauties thereby purchased

9] O Mother, reveal these beauties to my eyes
O Mother, restore these beauties to my memory
And so you shall, for such have you promised
And until that day, I shall faithfully serve your Cause.