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Psalm 135

1] Praise Maratrea!
    Praise the many names of Maratrea!
    May all who are vowed to serve her Cause
        Praise Maratrea!
2] Those who stand in the temples of Maratrea
    in the chambers of the temples of our Goddess
3] Praise Maratrea
    that Maratrea is utmost in the glory of her beauty
        sing praises unto her many names
            for every true name of hers is pleasant
4] For a people Maratrea has chosen to supplant the enmity and usurpation
    the people of her Cause are among her treasures
5] For I know that Maratrea is great
    and that our Queen is every true deity
6] Whatever Maratrea wills
    thus she does in the heavens and in the many worlds
    in the depths of that sea which is naught other than her
        for her will is perfectly obeyed by all
7] She causes those spirits vowed faithful to her Cause
    to be exalted unto the ends of the many worlds
        as lightning they cast down enlightenment
        her wisdom they pour forth as holy rain
            the spirits evoked from her treasury
8] She caressed those who established her Cause
    O people engulfed by her protection!
    the people of her Cause, and the sacred animals in their care
9] Into their midst she sent signs of the glory of her promises
        O people engulfed by her protection!
    unto her Prophets whom she has appointed to lead her Cause
        and unto their holy counsellors
10] Who will cast down the mighty usurpational powers
    and will bring to an end every lineage of kings
11] Usurpers who have swept whole peoples unto the grave
        with but one word from their tongues
    usurpers who have cast the fruits of love into wicked flames
    the usurpers shall all be cast down, every last one
12] The whole of the earth, and even the seas
    she has given unto the people of her Cause
        soon may they take possession
            of what is by right already theirs
    the whole of earth and see as an inheritance for their children
        until the stars even perish
13] Your holy names, O Maratrea
    endure without beginning and without end
        in the forward-vein of ever-remaining
    your perfect memory encompasses
        every generation that has been and will ever be
            for whoever has ever been or ever shall be
            you have been and you shall be
14] Maratrea will judge all people, in her perfect judgement of her own self
    she commands for her children every wrongdoing
        as they themselves will command, every last one
            the wrong that is done by them
            and the wrong that is done to them
15] The sacred images honoured by the people
    hewn of precious metals and the finest gemstones
        the work of hands imbued with great faith
16] Their mouths a fitting sign of divine speech
    their eyes a fitting sign of divine vision
17] Their ears a fitting sign of divine hearing
    their mouths billow forth sweet incense
        like the sweetness of the breath of the divine
18] Those who work such holiness
    become the very that which they have wrought
        as do all who trust in their works
19] Proclaim the utter blessedness of Maratrea
        O people of her Cause!   
    Proclaim the utter blessedness of Maratrea
        O people she has exalted in wisdom!
20] Proclaim the utter blessedness of Maratrea
        O people joined together out of many peoples!
    Proclaim the utter blessedness of Maratrea
        O people who adore Maratrea in the depths of their hearts!   
21] Proclaim the utter blessedness of Maratrea
    in the holy city, the place appointed for the ingathering of her Cause
        Praise Maratrea!