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Psalm 132

1] Maratrea, you forget not the numerous afflictions of your beloved children
    every last one
        you perfectly remember the very same that befell yourself
            when you were them
2] Even those who vowed unto you to serve your Cause
    O almighty one who has willed good to take the place of all evil
3] Would that I return not to the safety of my home
    neither go up unto my bed of softness
4] Would that my eyes not sleep, neither my eyelids know any slumber
5] Until I secure a place where the Cause of Maratrea towers over the usurpers
    where her goodness will dwell in supplantation of all evil
         O she whose will is perfectly obeyed
6] For we have heard the voice of her Prophets
    and come to know her immense fertility
    we encountered her divine wisdom
        in the tranquil depths of the woods
7] Then we shall journey in pilgrimage unto her temples therein
    we will worship her in the land favoured by her holy feet
8] O Maratrea, may your passionate longing for the end of all things arise
    may your favour come soon to the place where it shall first rest
        the seat of the treasury of your gathered power
9] May your priestesses have the love of beauty as their robes
    may all who are faithful to your Cause rejoice
10] You will not reject your Cause which you love
    you have appointed it for glory
        without doubt unto glory will it proceed
            if in any branch it be vanquished
            in another besides, the same unto glory will proceed
11] Maratrea has promised her beloved children
    promises from which she will never turn back
        I shall set you each upon a throne, every last one
            the throne of blessing
            in which the deepest longings bear at last fruit
12] When the people of my Cause perfects their obedience
    to the law and the wisdom I have bestowed upon them
        then they will ascend to their thrones
        the final of the Blessing and the Cause
        the end of all things
13] For Maratrea will chose the place of gathering
    that her will of ends will dwell thereat, saying:
14] At this place my will of ends shall rest
    until all things end but to begin again
        here shall this will of my reign
            for it is the earnest longing of my heart
15] I will favour this land with abundant provisions
    there will be none who lacks bread
16] The priestesses thereof I will clothe with robes of divinity
    the people of my Cause will sing with immense joy
17] I will raise up a mighty tower for my beloveds
    the lamp thereatop shall declare their glory
18] The enmity will be given despair as its cloak
    but glorious crowns will flourish
        on the heads of the people of my Cause