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Psalm 131

1] Most holy mother, my heart is not proud
        Nor do my eyes look eagerly upon greatness
        I concern myself not with lofty matters
        With things beyond my comprehension

2] I still and quieten my soul
    Like a child in the arms of my mother
    Such is my soul

3] O people of the cause, hope in Maratrea, both now and always
            For she is our certain hope

v1:   None other than I that I might exceed them;
        shall I be proud to be better than myself?
        There is much uncertainty to worry my mind
        Questions unanswerable – not for lacking answers,
        nor even merely for lacking knowledge,
        but unanswerable due to excess –
        having not one answer, known or unknown,
        neither no answer,
        but rather many, as more than one is too many
        But may I rest in  the quiet of her love and her promises