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Psalm 130

1] Most Holy Mother, we cry for you,
    from the depths of our despair

2] Heavenly Queen, you hear our voice,
    for you remember you yourself speaking
    the sigh of our distress.

3] Maratrea, you remember all things perfectly,
    even the immensity of evil

4] But you repay all evil with greater good,
    so with love we can say Yes to all your deeds.

5] We wait on your promises, Great Mother, with all our being;
    you are our greatest hope.

6] Let that hope be with us from when we awaken to when we sleep,
    and may that hope fill our dreams.

7] O people of the Cause, put your hope in She Who Is
    for Her love is greatest of all loves
    and perfect are Her promises

8] And whenever Her people stray,
    By the favour of Her Prophets She shall restore them to the true way.