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Psalm 122

1] I rejoiced when they said unto me, “Let us journey in pilgrimage unto the Great Temple of Maratrea”
2] Our feet stood within your gates, O holy city.
3] The holy city is joined together in unity,
4] Unto which the people go up, the people of the Cause of Maratrea; to remind the people of her Cause, to praise Maratrea, Great Goddess, Great Mother, and Queen of Heaven – to praise her according to the manner appointed.
5] Her throne of true justice stands in heaven, not one earth, where only false justice is found – upon this throne of hers does she sit, in the heavenly chamber thereof
6] Pray, O people, for the peace of her holy city – may those who love her be secure, and free from dissension
7] May there be peace within your sturdy walls, and abundance in your citadels
8] For the sake of my fellow servants in the Cause, I will say: “May there be peace within you”
9] For the sake of the Great Temple of Maratrea our Goddess, I will continue seeking abundance for you.