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Psalm 121

1] I look toward the mountains; from where shall come my help?
2] My help is from Maratrea, who created the many universes, by becoming the many souls.
3] Though we fall down, she lifts us back up; the Remaining One slumbers not
4] Now she sleeps not, as on the Great Sabbath she sleeps a great sleep of glory,
Laden with many dreams - and are we other than her dreaming? Who can say?
But now, in perfect wakefulness, she guards the people of her Cause
5] Maratrea guards and protects us, though her protection be not visible to us
6] The light of the sun shall burn not your eyes, and the moon shall caress you at night
7] Through her promises she protects us from disaster; and the soul is inconquerable
8] Maratrea guards ourgoing forth and our returning, in beginningless and endless time.