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Psalm 12

1] Help me, O Maratrea, for where now upon this earth may be found those who know and understand your truth? May none but I be found among the whole of humanity?
2] All believe without question the errors they have heard; vain are the words that come forth from their mouths, for their hearts have forgotten their once dreams of glory
3] Maratrea will silence the vain flattering of their lips, and the empty boasting of their tongues
4] They say, We shall prevail with our tongues, with our lips which are our own; who dares to command our speech for us?
5] Behold the word of Maratrea: On account of the misery and groaning of those herenow apart from blessing, my passionate longing for the end of all things is being kindled; I will protect those vowed to my Cause from all who malign them.
6] And the words of Maratrea are flawless, golden words inflamed with the longings of her heart, heavenly words that will be proved upon the earth, words of thirteen-fold purity.
7] O Maratrea, you will guard and preserve us from the enemies of your Cause, until all things begin again.
8] Even as for now the servants of the enmity wander circuitously, a rising tempest upon the people of many branches.