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Psalm 119

1] Favoured are those whose ways are blameless,
    who walk according to the law of Maratrea
    the law of heaven and the law of the Cause
2] Favoured are those who cling to her truth,
    and that seek her wholeheartedly
3] They also do not any deeds of grave wickedness
    neither usurpations, nor blasphemous frauds,
    neither wicked murders, bloody sacrifices unto Pandal,
    neither crimes against love:
    they walk in her ways according to ends
4] You have commanded us, with your causal will,
    to keep diligently your commandments
            according to the same
        the law of heaven and the law of the Cause
        your will as to ends
    may we keep it as diligently as we keep
        your will as to means!
5] O that my ways be directed
    by your will of means
    to keep your ordinances as to ends!
6] I shall not be ashamed,
    when I consider all your commandments
    of either of your wills
7] I will praise you with a heart that loves goodness and beauty
    when I have learned your judgements in accordance therewith
8] I will keep your ordinances
    you will never utterly foresake me
    not even if those ordinances I fail to keep
    by your will of means

9] How shall the youthful keep their path pure?
    By observing your words.
10] Wholeheartedly have I sought you:
    cause me not to wander from your commandments.
11] Your words I have hid in my heart
    that I might not stray from them
12] Praise be unto you, O Maratrea;
    teach me the commandments of your twofold will!
13] With my lips I will declare all of the decrees of your mouth
14] I rejoice in your decrees, for there is no greater richness
15] I meditate upon your decrees,
    and your will of ends I seek to obey
    as much as your will of means permits it
16] I delight in all the great truths that you have revealed;
    I will forget not that which you displayed to me.

17] You will bountifully favour the servants of your Cause,
    that your Cause will endure even unto Triumph,
    that they will remain faithful to your words.
18] Uncover my eyes, and I will contemplate the wonders
    you have wrought through your twofold will
19] A sojourner I am in this branch, apart as it is from my blessing,
    but though you have herenow hidden from me blessing,
    you have hidden from me not the truth of your Cause
        and of the truly good and truly beautiful and truly true
        and of the true nature of things
20] My soul is consumed at all times with the fire of longing
    for the fruits of your twofold will.
21] You will rebuke the enmity in their pride
    and with your will of means disfavour those
    who stray from your will of ends.
22] You will save us from their scorn and contempt
    for I have kept faithfully to your truth
23] Though the usurping rulers gather together to slander us
    we will continue to meditate on your truths
24] For I meditate upon your proofs of faith in beauty
    and take counsel in the truths you have revealed to me.

25] They have cast me down among the dust;
    revive me according to your word.
26] I have declared to you my longings,
    and you have heard me
        as you hear all which you yourself remember speaking
    teach me the truth.
27] Bring me to understand your twofold decrees
    and I will meditate on the glories you have wrought
28] My soul is weary with sorrows
    strengthen me with certainty in your promises
29] Keep me from the path of the ignorant
    and favour me with your wisdom
30] I have chosen the path of faith
    I have set your decrees before me
31] I cling to your promises, O Maratrea
    you will not permit me to fall into confusion.
32] I will pursue the progress of your Cause
    and you will enlarge my heart.

33] You will teach me, O Maratrea, the decrees of your Cause
    and I will remain faithful to my vow
        until all things end, but to begin again.
34] You will grant me knowledge of truth,
    of the truly beautiful and the truly good
    and I will obey the law of your Cause
    yea, the law of your Cause I will wholeheartedly obey
35] May your will of means cause me to go in the way of your will of ends
    for I delight in that which delights you
36] Incline my heart to faith in your promises
    and not to seek what I do not truly desire
        thought deception seeks to lead me to confuse it
            with that which I truly do desire
37] Avert my eyes from inane distractions
    and revive me in your Cause
38] Establish your word in the hearts of the servants of your Cause
    who are devoted to your reverence and adoration
39] You will protect from their contempt which I fear
    for all your decrees are goodly, even those of means
40] O how I have longed after your decrees
    revive me in the love of good and beauty
    to prepare me for the consummation of my longing

41] Your incomparable love comes to me, O Maratrea,
    whose culmination is the salvation you have promised.
42] Thus do I have answers for they who taunt me:
    for certain is my hope in your promises.
43] And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth:
    for my hope is in your self-judgement
44] Therefore I shall remain observant of the law of your Cause
    until all things end but to begin again
45] And I will walk through wide expanses:
    thus do I seek ever greater knowledge of your decrees.
46] I will speak of my faith in you also before the powers of usurpation
    and before them I shall know neither shame nor fear.
47] And I will delight myself in your decrees which I love.
48] I will devote my power to the fulfilment of your decrees
        concerning your Cause
    for all of your decrees do I love,
    therefore do I meditate upon them.

49] Your memory is perfect, even in forgetfulness you remember
    you will never forget
        your promises unto the servants of your Cause
        for your promises are the cause of their hope
50] They are their comfort in affliction:
    and your word shall revive your Cause
51] The enmity boast of the rightness in their own eyes
    and hold us greatly in derision
        yet we have not turned from our faith in you
52] I have remembered the truth
    which I first heard from you now long ago
        O Maratrea
    and therein have I found comfort
53] The wickedness of the enmity is a burning fire
    that threatens to consume us
54] But your revelations we gladly sing as we go forth on the pilgrimage
55] In your sacred night, we remember your names, O Maratrea,
    and we continue our faith in your promises
56] We remember for we cleave to your words.

57] Your Cause is my portion, O Maratrea:
    for your Cause I have vowed to serve.
58] My whole heart longs for your favour:
    you will favour me with blessing, according to your promises.
59] I ponder the ways of my life,
    and redirect my energies unto serving your Cause.
60] I hasten and delay not to advance your Cause
61] The servants of the usurpers surround me:
    but I have not forgotten your truth.
62] In the midst of your holy night
    I rise to praise you
        for the great beauties you have become.
63] I am a friend to all who serve your Cause,
    and a servant to all who keep the law thereof.
64] The many branches, O Maratrea, are overflowing with your incomparable love:
    you will bestow upon me the wisdom of your decrees.    

65] You have dealt well with the servants of your Cause, O Maratrea,
    in fulfilment of your promises.
66] You have revealed to me goodness, beauty and truth:
    and I have put my faith in your promises.
67] Before you sent your truth to me, I was ignorant:
    but now I safeguard your revelations.
68] Incomparably good and incomparably beautiful:
    thus are you, and the branches you have become:
        teach me the wisdom of your twofold decrees.
69] The enmity in its pride has forged lies against us:
    but we will seek out your truth wholeheartedly.
70] Their hearts overflow with corruption;
    but I delight in your twofold law.
71] By my affliction many great beauties are purchased;
    this your wisdom teaches me.
72] I would rather the sweet words that come forth out of your mouth
    than thousands of gold in ignorance.

C. Better the poor who know what to do with wealth when it comes to them,
    than the wealthy who know not what to do with their riches.


73] By your power you brought forth my soul out of your very own soul
    you made me out of your very own being,
            and emptying yourself you became me
        you have granted me understanding
            that I know that such have you decreed
74] They who adore you are pleased to meet me
    for I have put my hope in the glory of your promises
75] I know, O Maratrea, that you decree for the sake of beauty
    and that in love of beauty you have afflicted me
76] Your incomparable love comes to comfort me
    as you have promised in your words of truth
77] Your incomparable love comes to revive me
    therefore do I delight in your truth
78] The servants of the enmity will be ashamed of their pride
    for they have persecuted us in their faithfulness to lies
        but I will meditate in your decrees
79] Those who adore you will turn to me
    and those who know the truth that you have revealed
80] My heart will overflow with devotion to your promises
    that my service to your Cause will be not extinguished

81] My soul near fails without your salvation:
    but I hope in your promises.
82] My eyes near fail apart from the fruit of your promises:
    I cry out, When will your blessing come to me?
83] The smoke fills my eyes, and they burn and water:
    yet I do not forget your promises.
84] For how many more days shall the servants of your Cause
        suffer under usurpation?
    At what times in these branches will your will of means
        appoint for us triumph over them?
85] The enmity in its pride has dug pits for us
    such is their abhorrence of the truth which you revealed to us
86] Your heavenly law is unalterable and unchanging:
    they persecute us with their earthly fraudulent justice
        but you will help us
87] Upon this earth they had almost devoured us wholly
    yet we forsook not your Cause
88] You will revive me on account of your lovingkindness;
    having faith in these your promises,
        I will maintain my testimony of them.

89] Beginninglessly and endlessly, O Maratrea,
    your word is settled in your heaven.
90] Your promises are unto every generation:
    you have established many branches,
        and they will abide until every longing be fulfilled
91] They continue unto this day according to your decrees:
    and all are your servants according to your will of means
        as your Cause is your servant according to your will for the end
92] Had not your promises been the delight of our hearts,
    would we have faltered beneath the weight of our misfortunes?
93] We will never forget your promises:
    for with them you have revived us.
94] We are you, thus will you save us:
    therefore have we sought your truth.
95] The enmity and the usurpers have waited for us to destroy us:
    but we will continue to ponder your truth.
96] You have shown us a glimpse of the perfect end of all things:
    but your decrees are exceedingly broad.

97] Great is my love for the truth you have revealed
    the whole day do I meditate upon it
98] You have granted me wisdom,
    which you have given not unto the enmity
        and it has departed not from me
99] I seek of you ever further wisdom
    even that it might exceed that of those who came before me
        for constantly do I meditate upon your truth.
100] May I understand things that those who came before me could not understand
    for earnestly do I seek after your truth
101] I have refrained from walking in the way of the evil ones
    the enmity, the usurpers, fraudulent justice,
            vile sacrifices, crimes against love
        for these things are against your twofold law
102] I have not departed from your laws
    and done these things that you abhor
        for you have granted me knowledge of beauty
103] How sweet to my throat are your revelations
    sweeter than nectar to my mouth
104] Through the wisdom you bestowed upon me
    I came to perceive the great beauties
        therefore I hate all that hates them

105] Your promises guide me in my journey,
    and mark for me the way
106] I have vowed to serve your Cause,
    and every day I confirm my vow;
        and I will follow the law of your Cause.
107] Great is the affliction which I suffer for beauty,
    but you will revive me, O Maratrea, according to your promises.
108] You are pleased with the words that come forth out of my heart, O Maratrea;
    may you cause me to grow in your wisdom.
109] Though it put my life in grave danger unceasing,
    yet I will forget not your truth, neither my vow.
110] The servants of the enmity have laid traps for us,
    yet I have strayed not from the path of your Cause
111] Your promises are our inheritance of you, O Heavenly Mother,
    never to be taken from us:
        your promises are the joy of my heart.
112] Our hearts are inclined to keep the law of your Cause
    until all things end but to begin again.


113] The wickedness of the enmity I abhor,
    but I adore your truth.
114] You are my refuge and my protector,
    your promises are my great hope.
115] The servants of the enmity will retreat;
    and we will keep the law of her Cause.
116] Your promises encourage and revive me;
    my hope therein shall never be defeated.
117] Your bounty is my salvation;
    and your truth is my continual delight.
118] You will cast down all opposition to your Cause,
    and the teachings of the enmity will be silenced.
119] The enmity shall be discarded
    as thing no longer having any value
        therefore do I love your truth.
120] My soul trembles with love for you;
    I stand in awe of the glory of the beauties you have become.

121] I serve your Cause with beauty as its end:
    you will not abandon your Cause to the enmity.
122] Your promises are goodly unto the servants of your Cause
    you will save us from their lying accusations.
123] My eyes long for the sight of your blessing;
    your words have promised me every beauty.
124] In lovingkindess you decree for all, even by means, even for your Cause:
    and you will favour us with knowledge of your decrees.
125] I am a servant of your Cause;
    you will favour me with understanding
        thus shall I testify to your truth.
126] How much longer until the day of your favour, O Maratrea?
    How much longer will you permit them to deny your truth?

C. And if it be further in one branch, and nearer in another,
    both from here descending;
        teach us at least the distribution thereof!

127] Your decrees are like unto the finest gold, and shimmering gemstones.
128] Thus have you directed me, in universal truth;
    and I abhor the narrowness of the false prophets.

129] Wondrous are your decrees: therefore do I labour
        to bestow knowledge of them upon the many
130] Lucidity issues forth from your true Prophets,
        who are the entrance of your wisdom:
            that even the simple shall comprehend
131] My longing mouth breathes deeply
    your decrees are the consummation of my deepest desires.
132] Your incomparable love considers me
    As it does all whom you have become
133] Your revelation approves of my every true longing;
    You will not permit the enmity to continue in power over us.
134] The enmity has lied concerning us: but you will free us from their lies;
    You will liberate us from their usurpation,
        so that we will follow completely your way.
135] The beauty of your smile shall appear before the servants of your Cause;
    thus will they learn the wisdom of your decrees.
136] My eyes overflow with tears at the sight of their vile wrongdoing
    yet I live in hope and longing for perfect knowledge
        of the beauties thereby purchased.

SAN [or CHI]
137] Your love for beauty is incomparable, O Maratrea,
    and your every decree has beauty as its end.
138] From your love you have decreed your twofold law,
    the fruit of your love of beauty,
        your love of utmost steadfastness.
139] My zeal for your truth exhausts me,
    for the enmity spreads ignorance.
140] Your word is exceedingly refined,
    therefore the servants of your Cause have loved it
141] Though we are lowly and despised
    we do not forget your truth
142] Your incomparable love for your very own beauty
    is without beginning and without end
        and your laws are founded on truth
143] Trouble and anguish have befallen us
    yet your promises are my delight
144] Your heavenly law is unalterable in its goodness;
    you give me understanding
        which sustains my soul

145] With all my heart I cry out
    you hear me, and you will answer, O Maratrea,
            and I will obey your twofold commands.
146] I called out for salvation, and you promised to save me;
        therefore I will keep the laws of your Cause.
147] Before dawn I rise and cry out for help;
        I have put my hope in your promises.
148] My eyes remain open throughout the night,
        as I meditate upon your promises.
149] You hear my voice in accordance with your love;
    my existence is preserved, O Maratrea,
        by the essence I inherited from you.
150] Nearby the servants of the enmity threaten,
    devising schemes to further their wickedness,
        they are far from your laws.
151] Yet nearer than them are you, O Maratrea,
    and certain is the truth of your every promise.
152] Concerning your truth, for long now have I known
    that it belongs to your unalterable essence
        without beginning and without end.

153] You know our oppression, and you will deliver us therefrom:
    for we shall not forget your truth.
154] You will ascertain my complaint, and make amends to me:
    you will revive me according to your promises.
155] Salvation is as yet distant from the hearts
    of those who know not your truth, and who fail to seek it.
156] Your love for all is incomparable, O Maratrea:
    you will revive me according to your decrees.
157] Numerous are the usurpers who persecute me, proud servants of the enmity:
     yet I turn not from the truth you revealed me.
158] I have beheld the authors of immense wickedness, which grieves my heart:
    yet I lamented not that you have so commanded them,
    on account of the vast beauties you have purchased thereby
    which I can as yet scarcely imagine, but which you will reveal to me
159] You know my love for your twofold decrees:
    you will revive me, O Maratrea, according to your lovingkindness.
160] Your words are true without beginning and without end:
    and the memory which is also a foretelling
    of every one of your beautiful judgements
    endures without beginning and without end.

161] For no good cause have the captains of usurpation persecuted me:
       Yet my heart remains in awe of your glory
162] I rejoice at your words, like one finding buried treasure.
163] I hate and abhor the lies of the enmity:
    but your wisdom do I love.
164] Thirteen times a day do I praise you
    because of the beauties you have loved.
165] Great peace will come to those love your laws:
    and all obstacles to their triumph shall cease.
166] Glorious Maratrea, I have put my hope in the salvation you promise,
    and worked earnestly for the progress of your Cause.
167] My soul has clung to the truths you have revealed
    and I love them exceedingly.
168] I conserve and protect the truths which you have revealed
    for every movement of my heart is known perfectly by you.

169] My cry is before you, O Maratrea,
        for perfectly do you remember you yourself so crying:
    give me understanding of the truths you have revealed.
170] My longings are before you, for they are your longings also,
    and you are their salvation.
171] My lips will utter praise:
    for you have revealed to me your commands.
172] My tongue will speak of your truth:
    for your every command is a cause of great beauty
173] Your power will help me, by your favour for your Cause
    for you have chosen me to choose your Cause.
174] O Maratrea, you are the salvation of my deepest longings
    and your every decree delights my heart
175] My soul will live endlessly, and it praises you
    as you praise yourself in your own self-praising
        and your decrees favour me
176] I have gone astray as a lost dog
    yet you will retrieve me
        a servant of your Cause
        for though I stray from it
        I do not forget my vow.