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Psalm 116

1] I love Maratrea, for she knows my prayer before I do
        for she remembers she herself so praying
    she knows the deepest longings of my heart
        for she remembers she herself so longing
2] She has answered my every prayer with the certainty of her promises
    therefore will I call upon her my whole life long
3] The sorrow of doom threatened me
    and the fear of loss took hold of me
        what distress, what anguish, has my heart found
4] Then I call on Maratrea and her many names:
    O Maratrea, without doubt you will save me!
5] Maratrea is ever-giving
    there is naught truly longed for which she will not give
        after a time
    her love for beauty is incomparable
        thus every beauty for which we truly long
            she is happy to bestow upon us
    her love for us is incomparable
        therefore without doubt she shall give us
            that for which we long in the depths of our hearts
6] Maratrea protects her children
    though she brings them to sorrowful places
        for the sake of the great beauties thereby purchased
    wherever she leads them, she will always lead them hence
7] O heart of mine, be now at peace!
    for Maratrea will bestow upon your every last longing
        even soon, but not yet
8] For you, O Maratrea, keep my soul from the ultimate despair
    your certain promises keep tears from my eyes
        you keep my legs from failing
9] May my ways be pleasing to your will for your Cause, O Maratrea,
    as I abide in this herenow absence of blessing.
10] I have put my faith in your promises
    therefore do I so speak
        in spite of my great affliction
11] In my anxiety I cry out to you,
    Is there anyone who speaks the truth?
12] Immense is the goodness of Maratrea unto me
    and her goodness I am even now repaying
13] In the sacrament I will lift up the cup of your salvation
    and call upon the names of Maratrea
14] I will be faithful to my vow to serve the Cause of Maratrea
    before all those who have so vowed
15] Precious to Maratrea is the death of her children
    for the blessed ones it is the crown upon their blessing
    for those blessed not, it is the gate which opens thereunto
16] O Maratrea, I am a servant of your Cause, a servant of your Cause:
    you bore my soul out of your very own being,
        and you will loosen my bounds.
17] I will offer unto you the sacrifice of praise,
        and the sacrifice of the cakes and the wine
    and I will call upon your names, O Maratrea
18] I will be faithful to my vow to serve the Cause of Maratrea
    before all those who have so vowed
19] in the courts of the Great Temple of Maratrea,
        in the midst of the holy city
    Praise there be unto Maratrea.