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Psalm 115

1] O Goddess Maratrea
    unto me of your glory you have revealed a small foretaste
    thereupon I glance momentarily, and declare myself unworthy
    I have heard your promises, that your glory entire shall be mine
    that the greatest beauties I shall possess
        flesh to flesh and in my very own flesh
    and I declare myself utterly unworthy of them
    yet certain are your promises
    as unworthy as I am to inherit them
    I will inherit everything that you have promised
2] Why does the mass of infidels proclaim
    Where is their Goddess?
3] Our Goddess dwells perfectly enthroned in her heaven
    whatever anyone does is in perfect obedience to her will
4] Of finest gold are wrought the sacred images
    her names, forms, servants, representatives and emanations
5] From their mouths proceed hymns of praise unheard
    Beautiful are the precious gems which they have as eyes
6] An offering is made of sweet music
        which without doubt she hears
    a sacrifice of fine incense
        without doubt she savours its smell
7] delicate hands of gold spread out to receive offerings
    golden feet that walk not save in the festal procession
        in its throat is a horn which plays sweet music
8] Favoured will be those by whom the sacred images are wrought
    Favoured will be those who give these images honour
9] O people of the Cause
    trust in Maratrea
        her favour will ever help you
        her favour will ever protect you
10] O people through whom wisdom is bestowed
    trust in Maratrea
        her favour will ever help you
        her favour will ever protect you
11] All you who adore her
    trust in Maratrea
        her favour will ever help you
        her favour will ever protect you
12] Perfectly does Maratrea remember our every moment
    for perfectly does she remember being us completely
        without doubt she favours us with the favour of her Cause
        with the favour with which she favours the people of her Cause
        she favours those she has appointed for the bestowal of wisdom
13] All who adore Maratrea will be favoured by her favour for her Cause
    the great and mighty, the little and weak
14] Maratrea shall increase her Cause, in ever greater progress
    until it triumphs over all things, and assumes the place in every land
15] You are favoured by she who who bore the heavens and the many worlds
16] The heavens most far beyond belong to Maratrea
    the many worlds she has given to her children
    to play and suffer therein
17] The dead praise not Maratrea
    for blessing is without need to name itself
    for they praise not as other from themselves
        she to whom they have become identical
18] And we shall praise Maratrea
    from now
        until our praising become her very own unending self-praising
    Praise Maratrea!