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Psalm 114

1] When the people of her Cause come out of their citadels
    the line predestined to take the place of the unbelievers
2] And they praise her by her sacred springs,
     And the people of her Cause are endowed with her authority
3] When the sea sees her Cause coming in its glory
        it will recede before it,
            as if to bow in homage;
    the great river in its descending shall bow also.
4] The holy mountains move,
        and the trees with which they are encrusted sway,
    and the sacred hills dance as happy dogs do
5] How could the sea bow towards us?
    How could the great river likewise give us homage?
6] O holy mountains, how could you so move?
    O sacred hills, how could you so dance?
7] People of every land tremble in adoration
    at the sight of the glorious beauties
        in which the Heavenly Queen is present
        in which is present the Goddess
            of her Cause which supplants the usurpers
8] Who amidst the mountains has formed lakes,
    and who from the depths of the earth sends up holy springs.