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Psalm 113

1] Praise there be! O may us children of the Great Mother praise her for her glory!
2] All blessing flows forth from her, she who reigns without beginning and without end
3] May we sing of her glory at the rise of the sun, and at its setting
4] Far beyond the usurpers she does reign; in the highest heavens is her court
5] O, who is like unto our Goddess Maratrea, from whom all have divided and unto whom all things shall return
6] Who with her perfect knowledge perceives all that is perceived by anyone
7] O people of her Cause! many among you she found upon the dunghill, yet makes them into lords of the earth!
8] Who cast down the usurping princes, from their thrones of false justice and iniquity
9] The barren woman longed for children;
though in this branch she receives not, in another she receives all she desires
upon death, she shall know that other branch as perfectly as she knows this one
and great are the beauties thereby in this branch purchased