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Psalm 112

1] All praise Maratrea! Favoured are those who adore and revere Maratrea, who delight greatly in her twofold decrees.

2] Their successors will assume the place in every land; highly favoured are the generations who know the two triumphs firsthand.

3] Their great love for true goodness and true beauty shall endure until all things end but to begin again; and the bounty thereof shall accrue to their houses.

4] Unto them arises knowledge among ignorance: those who love beauty adore the darkness of night as much as the dawn; the holy night brings pleasant things to those who love beauty, who are gracious and full of compassion, true lovers of goodness and beauty, who refrain from the works of Pandal.

5] A good person shows favour, and is generous in lending: goodness and beauty shall come to them; and they will conduct their affairs in fairness.

6] Surely the faith and hope of those who love goodness and beauty cannot be destroyed, and they will not be defeated; they will be remembered, on account of the goodness and beauty for whose sake there is remembrance; and if ever the memory of them be forgotten, it shall surely be restored once more.

7] They shall fear not tidings of evil: for their hearts are fixed, trusting in the promises of Maratrea.

8] Their hearts are established, they shall not be afraid: in the end they will look in triumph upon the enmity.

9] They have gone forth throughout the world for the furtherance of the Cause; they have shown charity to the downtrodden; their love for goodness and beauty shall endure until all things end but to begin again; their hills shall be exalted in honour.

10] The servants of the enmity shall see it, and be vexed, and be grieved; they shall gnash their teeth, and melt away: the desire of the enmity shall perish.