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Psalm 111

1] All praise Maratrea. I will praise Maratrea with my whole heart, in the council of those who usurp not heavenly justice, and in the assembly.
2] Great are the works of Maratrea, sought out by all those who find pleasure therein.
3] Her works of glorious splendour: and her goodness and beauty endure without beginning and without end.
4] She has caused her wonders to be remembered: Maratrea is a most fertile mother of many universes for the fulfilment of desire.
5] Finest wine has she poured out for those who love her, even as they know not it is she whom they love: she is ever faithful to her promises
6] She has shown her people the power of her works, that she may give them the place of the usurpers.
7] Her fruits are a surplus of truth and beauty and goodness; all her commandments are perfectly obeyed.
8] They are established without beginning and without end, and they command good as an end, and evil but as a mere means.
9] She sent redemption unto the people of her Cause, a people constituted in redemption: her promises endure beginninglessly and endlessly: holy and revered are her many names.
10] The adoration of Maratrea begins the wisdom of glory: she praises herself, in beginningless and endless self-praise.