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Psalm 110

1] Our Mother says to the Lord of Her Cause: "Rest in my favour, until the enmity bows before you"

2] She shall send forth Her Cause from Her holy city; it shall conquer the lands of the enmity.

3] Her people shall be willing on this their day of triumph, wearing sacred robes;
    at the dawn of this great day, they shall drink the wine of glory.

4] She has spoken Her promises, which She cannot break;
    She has established Her priesthood, to endure until all things end.

5] She favours us; on the day of our triumph She shall cast down kings before us.

6] She shall call the nations before us, for Her judgement of their laws
    The lands will be filled with those fallen from their place of power
    She shall cast them down from the thrones upon which they sit.

7] We shall drink of the wine of Her favour
    Thus shall we be raised to the highest place