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Psalm 11

1] In my Heavenly Mother I put my trust; how then can you say to me, Abandon her Cause.
2] For the enemies of her Cause bend their bows, and ready their arrows upon the bowstrings, that from secret places they may shoot the servants of her Cause in the heart

3] If the foundation of her Cause is destroyed, what else can its servants do, but to save themselves.

4] Our Queen is in her holy Temple; her Throne in a heaven far beyond; her eyes behold with love her children upon the earth.

5] Our Mother sends trials to her Cause, for the sake of the particularity thereof; but to her Cause she grants final triumph

6] Upon the enemies of her Cause she shall rain defeat, as her Cause finally triumphs over them: such is her perfect will.

7] For in loving all equally, she loves especially her Cause, and smiles upon them.