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Psalm 109

1] O Goddess whom we praise, you are never silent
    You are forever speaking in our hearts
    Yet many listen not to your voice
2] For the enmity has opened its mouth against us
    a mouth of wickedness, a mouth of deceit
    and lies are forever upon their tongues
3] They surround us with their hateful words
    they attack us, yet we have done them no wrong
4] We love them even though they choose to be our enemies
    and we pray always for their benefit
5] Yet in exchange for our good, they do us evil
    and when we love them, in turn do us they hate
6] By your disfavour you will set the wicked against the wicked
    and usurpation against usurpation
    they will discover the true nature of their god Pandal
7] The fraudulent justice they have visited upon others
    shall in turn be visited upon them
    they shall beg for mercy
    but as they gave not, neither shall they receive
8] The days of the usurpers are very few
    as usurpation is followed by yet further usurpation
9] Show compassion unto his fatherless children
        and his wife now a widow
    lead them away from the sins of their father
10] When his children wander about as beggars
        may we feed and clothe and love them
    when in the desolation they ask for bread
        may invite them to our feasts
11] As he has destroyed by usury, so by usury shall he be destroyed
    and strangers will plunder his heritage entirely
12] None being able will protect him
    but upon his orphaned children, may we bestow our favour
13] May we keep his children from the devastation which befalls him
    as the name of his house is erased
14] Maratrea knows well the foolishness in his blood
    thus she authored, not for its own sake, being a vile thing
    but for the greatness of the beauties by it purchased
15] Those beauties are ever in the sight of Maratrea
    but even they have an end
    and as they end, so shall she end that which purchased them
16] The enmity knows not the meaning of love
    it knows only fraudulent, blasphemous, bloodthirsty justice
    the one true love of the most evil demons that it serves
    with which it sends the poor and broken-hearted unto death
17] The enmity loves to pass sentences of false judgement
        as it has judged, by the very same judgements it will be judged
    it hates the blessed ones with all of its power
        alas for it, that it knows not who they are!
18] The curses they speak they wear as a garment
    the curses pour into their heart
    the oil of foulness devours their bones
19] From this garment they be loosed not until the enmity is obliterated
    though it appeared to them at first rather pleasant
        soon the harshness of its hairs does harass the skin
20] As to those who speak evil of us
    and work evil in accords with their speech
        that very same evil which they visit upon us
            Maratrea shall visit upon them
        not a new and different evil, however alike
            as they do in their fraudulent blasphemies
        but the very same evil, precisely the same
            and in no way different
21] But as to us, O Goddess Maratrea
        you favour us with with the favour of your Cause
    in your will of ends and your will for the end
        you deliver us from the disasters the enmity has wrought
22] For your Cause is as yet poor and needy
    and many are the wounds in the hearts of your servants
23] I am fading as the shadows do at twilight
    like the smoke going forth from the flames
24] My knees and my shins have weakened
    for want of your blessing or favour
25] The enmity in its hate does laugh at us
    it accuses us of wrongs we have not done
    and when they look up us
        with their heads they show their disdain   
26] Without doubt will you favour us, O Goddess Maratrea
    you will deliver your Cause
        the sweet fruits of your incomparable love
27] And the enmity shall come to know of your power, O Maratrea
    on account of the glories you shall work
28] Though they curse, yet you will bless
        and no curse could ever harm any among the blessed
    they shall wage war against your Cause
        yet be shamed by their defeat
        but gladness will that day be
            to the hearts of your many servants
29] Disgrace shall the enmity have for its garment
    and the finest of its robe shall be naught other than shame
30] I shall praise Maratrea greatly with my mouth
    in the midst of the multitudes I will praise her
31] For she favours her Cause in its neediness
    to save her servants from blasphemous fraudulent judgement