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Psalm 108

1] Steadfast is my heart, O Goddess whom I adore
    with the deepest depths of my soul I will sing your praise
2] May all my soul be stirred
    to praise you with harp and lyre
    may I greet the dawn with praises of your beauty
3] My lips will praise you, O most glorious Maratrea
        in the midst of many multitudes
    in the lands of usurpation I will sing your praise
4] For your love is incomparable
    no greater love than yours is found
        beneath the heavens, neither beyond them
            nor in them themselves
    your promises are more certain than the sky
5] You are exalted, O ultimate Goddess, beyond the furthest heavens
    the glory of your beauty is secreted throughout the many worlds
    O, what day when what is hidden is revealed to us!
6] With your power you deliver your Cause from the mouth of the enmity
        a fierce and unpleasant mouth
            with sharp and blood-stained teeth
    with your favour you favour your Cause that you love
7] The Goddess has spoken in her inutterable holiness
    Ultimate bliss is mine without beginning and without end
    In the vein of the ever-remaining
    Bliss and favour I have apportioned in differing degrees
        in the many branches that I have divided
    Yet on some have I poured out
        the depths of despair which I have measured
    In whatever amount as beauty be needful to drink
8] My wisdom bubbles up as a billowing spring
        from which all who long for truth may drink
    Yet as I cause wisdom, I am also mother of all forgetfulness
    Yet such have I bore, for the sake of the glory of its numerous fruits
    I am praised by my servants for the perfection of my laws
    My law is their protection in the midst of their distress
9] I am mother even of my very own self
    I have reduced myself into the many worlds
    But I am also the laver of my very own self-purification
    Upon the burning red flames of glory
        I have cast my bounds
        That they consume not the many worlds
        Until the day and hour which I have appointed
    No soul is a stranger unto me
    All are my friends, and even dearer,
        my children, my very own self   
10] Who shall lead my Cause through the gates of the well-guarded city?
        The seat of many usurpations
    Who shall lead my Cause unto the burning red flames of glory?
11] O Goddess, you shall never reject us
    O Goddess, the presence of your favour
        will never depart from the people you have chosen
12] You assist us always in our distress
    for vain is the hope of the enmity by which we are oppressed
13] Through your favour, O Goddess, our victories will be glorious
    and the enmity will be crushed beneath our feet