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Psalm 106

1] Praise Maratrea!
    O praise Maratrea on account of the goodness and beauty
            she has authored
        which she adores as we adore
        all evil she has created for the sake thereof
        for by evil all goodness and beauty are purchased
    your incomparable love endures
        without beginning and without end
2] Your deeds are unfathomable, who can explain them?
        Yet in the end you will justify every last one to us
        For in doing so you justify them also to yourself
        As we are not other than you
            neither other than each other
    none exceeds you in power, O Maratrea
        whatever you wish to be is precisely as you wish
        and whatever is is precisely as you wish it to be
    who has words with which to fully declare her glorious mysteries?
3] Favoured will be those who seek justice in heaven alone
    and cling not to the fraudulent justice of the earth
    they are ever-faithful to the law of heaven and the law of her Cause
4] O heavenly mother, you will never forget any of your children
    whom you love with your incomparable love
        your love for them is not other than your perfect-self love
        for perfectly do you remember being them
        perfectly do you remember becoming them
        and perfectly do you remember their becoming you
    O Maratrea, favour me with that favour
            by which you approve the people of your Cause
        save me through your Cause
        as through your Cause you will save all worlds
5] To see the goodness of your favour descend upon those
    whom you have chosen to serve your Cause
        in these here days, in these here branches
    your Cause is glad that you have so favoured it
    and I rejoice in the gladness of your Cause
    for all those good things
        which through your favour you have allotted to it
6] Born of the evil without which we would not exist
        No joy nor beauty have we ever known
            that evil has not purchased
    Whatever wickedness anyone has ever done, or shall ever do
        Each of us has done and shall do
    For everyone has been everyone, and everyone will be everyone
    Whatever anyone has ever done, I have done and I shall do
    Whatever anyone shall ever do, I have done and I shall do
        Every evil, and every good
        For I am, I have been, and I will be
            Everyone who is, who has ever been, who ever shall be
    O Mother! Whatever anyone has done, so have you done and will do
        For there is none whom you have not been
        And none whom you will not be
    Whatever is, you have chosen it to be, precisely as it is
    Yet every evil which you have wrought
        you have done so solely out of love
            for the beauties thereby purchased
7] Those who became before us
    besieged by suffering on every side
        they contemplated not your marvels
        they saw not the abundance of your kindness
        they comprehended not that evils are necessary for good
    therefore did they anger at you
        O Sea of All Souls, yet filled with harsh weeds
            yet without those weeds, and the harshness thereof
            what would be your beauty?
8] And she is saving them
    for such is her glory, to save all of her children, every last one
        whatever they have done or failed to do
        whether they served truth or ignorance
    and in her saving them they become acquainted with her glory
9] For the weeds of the sea that she is she compensates
        and she is clearing herself of them
    she guides her children to her depths
        for in her depths is found her glory, that of blessing
            and of the three Sabbaths
        and glorious is its fruit
            though the journey thereto so often be barren
10] She rescues her children from the servants of the enmity
        and the captain thereof
        the most pallid Pandal
    though great be the hatred of the enmity for her Cause
        yet she will save her Cause from its jaws
            and her Cause will triumph in the last days
11] The enmity abhors her Cause
    yet has its life only in the Sea of Her very being
        therefore shall it without doubt perish
12] Its servants will believe in the wisdom of her Cause
    And they will praise her
13] In the last days all shall praise her
    But the perfection of remembrance is followed soon by forgetfulness
    For such is the desire of its heart
        But as the restoration of memory
            is followed always by forgetfulness
        So is that forgetfulness followed
            by the very same restoration
    Wait patiently for wisdom to descend upon the world
        For ignorance as it endures purchases great beauty
14] Our hearts burn fervidly in longing for beauty
        Yet we dwell in a barren land
            Where beauty is rarely found
        And it is always another who finds it
    Amidst this desolation they judge the Goddess who authored it
    Yet they are ignorant of the beauties she is purchasing thereby
        But without doubt she shall cure them of their ignorance
15] And every true desire of our hearts will be fulfilled
    For she will send the fullness of blessing into our souls
    And we will come to know the beauties we suffer to purchase
    Come to know them as intimately as we know anything in this life
    And we will say yes to our sufferings as she herself says yes to them
16] May we be zealous to draw myriads unto the gathering of her Cause
    And to lead her Cause unto the heights of holiness
    As our heavenly mother Maratrea is holy
    For the triumph of her Cause is the end of all things
    But to begin again; a crown of glory upon all that has ever been
17] She is unveiling the truth upon the earth
    she is engulfing it with gushing fountains of truth
    though the teachers of error have long been exalted
    she will place a seal upon their lips
18] Amidst the gathering of their hearts she will cast
        the burning fire of desire
    its blazing flames will consume their wickedness   
19] They will accomplish great things
    in the fading of barrenness
    they will pour out libations unto you, O Heavenly Mother
20] Their glory has been exchanged for the glory of another
    Yet that other glory will be exchanged for theirs
    Thus is beauty established
    As souls journey through many branches
    It ends in a feast, a great banquet
    Of incomparable lusciousness   
21] Yet they forget the Goddess who has rescued them
    through her favour to her Cause
    when her Cause was besieged
        she rescued her people thereof
22] A branch is scorched by the fire of desire
    and terrible are the weeds of the sea in another
23] She has promised she shall never destroy her Cause
    and if She ever cause it to be vanquished
        for the sake of great beauties by its vanquishment purchased
        then she shall bring about a re-establishment, after a time
    the prayer of the one whom she has appointed
        to gather together her Cause
        to turn elsewhere the fire of her desire
            O heavenly mother
            May it be that you love not
            Whatever our vanquishment may purchase
            Or be it that such you love
            May you love also whatever is purchased
            By our progress unto glory without interruption
        without doubt, she will answer this prayer
        in one manner, or in the other
24] Yet though immense be the beauties that are purchased by our sufferings
    yet we despise them in our ignorance
        and we doubt the certainty of her promises
        in the imperfection of our hearts
25] And we grumble in our hearts
    and close them to the divine wisdom
        that Maratrea is pouring out upon them
26] Yet then she turns her power to our benefit
    to give us rest in the near sight of beauty
27] She grants us rest for the restoration of our souls
    Strengthened to sow the seeds of truth
        amongst the multitudes of the world
    Strengthened to spread wisdom
        throughout the many lands
28] And we will be joined unto the lord of the Cause
        who opens the gates of wisdom
    and eat the holy feast in honour of the dead
29] By our vows her longing is inflamed
        for the end of all things
    and she is breaking the seals
        by which the last days are retarded
30] And she causes to delay the opening
    of the mouth of the serpent of wisdom
        for the sake of that which she declares beautiful
            for her love is a declaration and bestowal of beauty
        therefore the end of all things is retarded
31] And esteemed is her ordering of time
    as the work of one who truly loves beauty
    generation upon generation of those whom she loves
    until she brings all things to their final end
    to end but to begin again
32] Her passionate longing for the end is inflamed
    by the tears shed on account of division
        as her children are divided from their deepest loves
            by death and despair and disaster
    on the day of the in-gathering of her Cause
        she trembles with joyous anticipation
33] By inflaming her heart we provoke her
    to sing heavenly music with her lips
34] Bring not to an end the power of the usurpers
    until the day on which Maratrea will command us
        with her will for her Cause that she favours
35] Go forth among the peoples and mingle with them
    that they may receive the wisdom
    that upon you has been bestowed
36] And honour true divinity in the forms which they honour
    that they may be enticed thereby unto the heavenly wisdom
37] Condemn their wickedness when they offer in bloody sacrifice
    their daughters and their sons unto the most wicked demons
    such is the work of those enamoured of fraudulent justice
    such is the work of those enthralled by the false prophets
38] All the blood upon their altars we declare innocent
        whatever guilt it has
            it deserves not this vile crime
        a vile blasphemy against heaven
            the vileness of fraudulent justice
            and wicked and bloody sacrifices
        a deceit of the wicked usurpers
            and the most evil demons whom they serve
    they shed the blood of their sons and their daughters
        their fathers and their mothers
    unto their false god, the most pallid Pandal
    and the land is polluted with the vileness of their deeds
39] With their works of grave vileness their souls are stained
    and the most evil demons make their home in them
    truly, these ones will proceed unto that chamber
    wherein, as they have wickedly murdered
        so shall they be wickedly murdered
    not with some new and different murder
        but with the very same murder with which they murdered
    with the murder with which they murdered they shall be murdered
    these deeds of theirs of gravest blasphemy and false worship
    utterly opposed to the law of heaven, and the law of her Cause
    fruit of the false law of the most wicked usurpers
    the worthless law which the most evil demons authored
40] And the passionate longing of Maratrea is kindled unto a burning fire
    that burns even against the people of her Cause
        that her Cause may be formed in its particularity
            tempered by the fire
        that many great beauties be thereby purchased
        both within her Cause, and without it
    though she bring harm to her Cause, she ceases not to love it
        neither ceases to will its final victory
41] Therefore did she give for a time her Cause into the hands
    of the unbelieving usurpers
        who constantly blaspheme heaven
            with their fraudulent justice
    thus those who hate her Cause, the servants of the enmity
        had power over the people thereof
42] The enmity oppressed them
    and subjected them to its malevolent power
43] Many times has she delivered them from that power
    yet their final deliverance she has not yet granted unto them
        for there yet remain beauties which she loves
        which their subjection is necessary to purchase
    therefore she caused the enmity to bring them to the depths of despair
        but however deep they sink
            without doubt they will rise even higher
44] She has the utmost regard for their affliction
    for in afflicting them she has afflicted herself
        for perfectly does she remember herself being so afflicted
    perfectly does she hear their cry
        for perfectly does she remember she herself so crying
45] Her promises unto her Cause are perfect and certain
    to those promises she is always perfectly faithful
        for incomparable is the greatness of her love for us
46] Therefore, though the usurpers will oppress them
    she will permit them not to utterly destroy them
    and if ever her Cause be vanquished
    without doubt she will re-establish it
    and in another branch besides
    it shall continue directly unto glory
47] Without doubt you will deliver us unto glory
        O Maratrea our Goddess
    you will gather together all as one
        in a return to identity to you
    as you gather together your Cause
        a gathering foretelling and remembering
            a yet greater gathering
    from among the midst of ignorance
        therefore we praise your holy names
        in praising you we will triumph as your Cause
48] Blessing is not other than the Goddess Maratrea
        who guides the people of her Cause thereunto
    she endures without beginning and without end
        and she will guide her Cause unto the end of all things
            but to begin again
    may all praise Maratrea
        and all will praise Maratrea
    Praise Maratrea!